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Acne Blackhead Natural Treatment Tips

Blackheads, what are they?

Acne, typically found in growing adults, is a universal skin ailment. A very common type is, Blackheads, the most common type of acne, usually start when the excess oil caused by the overactive sebaceous glands in the skin, get trapped in the skin as the pores of the skin remain clogged, for sometime.

Natural Treatment for Blackheads

Blackheads can become a major nuisance if they are not eradicated on time. For that all we need to do is basically keep our skin clean so that the pores do not get blocked. You should never start squeezing the blackheads ever as the infection could spread all over your face. To avoid that we have devised some basic solutions for a simple treatment of blackheads in the comfort of your own home.

1) Prevention is always better than cure and to do that proper and timely exfoliation of skin can help greatly. It should be done regularly according to your skin type. Exfoliating your skin can actually help cleanse your skin thoroughly and clogging the pores thus preventing excess oil from getting trapped in the skin.

2) Honey is known to help remove blackheads. Warm honey when applied to the troubled area for around 15 minutes and washed away with cold water afterwards, can have wonderful effects over the blackheads.

3) Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with a tablespoon of powdered cinnamon and apply it to the affected area. Wash it with cold water the next morning and well, the amazing results will be reflecting back to you from the mirror!

4) You can benefit a great deal with great oatmeal face mask. Blend a little rose water with oatmeal powder and apply this over the troubled area. After 15 minutes or so wash off the mask with tap water.

5) Steaming has time and again proved to be quite helpful in the effective treatment and prevention of blackheads. If some herbs like rosemary or peppermint are also added to the water intended to be used for steaming purposes, it becomes all the more fruitful.

These treatments along with proper diet and exercise routine can almost assure an acne free skin!


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