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The Myths And Facts About Acne

For years, many myths have been express concerning acne. These myths have been around as long as people have had problems with acne inflammations. The true is that these myths can be explained away. The myth that eating chocolate and greasy foods will cause acne is just that, a myth. The true is that acne and your diet have no connection. This myth is used as a way to get kids to eat a more balanced diet and does not mean that you will get acne if you eat the wrong foods. Soda, pizza and candy are not going to cause you to have an acne inflammation.

Washing your face more often will prevent acne. This acne mythis another example of people not knowing the facts about acne inflammations. Hygiene has nothing to do with whether you are going to have acne or not. Over washing the face can cause dryness, which in turn can make any acne outbreak worst. The face needs to be clean, but proper cleaning is what will stop acne outbreaks. Washing your face three or four times a day with a harsh soap or cleanser can only aggravate the skin. Your face and skin does need to have some oil to remain soft and healthy.

Do not wear makeup or shave during an acne breakout is just another myth that has no merit. The fact is that makeup is mostly nonacnegenic and will not cause an acne inflammation. In fact, some makeups contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide that fights against acne. Shaving the face is necessary to keep the pores open to prevent acne. This myth was started many years ago and people were told that during an acne inflammation they should not shave or wear makeup. Makeup does have a healing affect on most acne inflammations because of the ingredients.

Another myth that has a harmful affect on the skin is popping the pimples. People were led to believe that popping the pimple would make it go away faster than if it was left alone. The fact is that picking and squeezing a pimple can cause it to stay longer and leave a reddish bump that can last a week or more. Proper treatment of any acne inflammation is important to avoid scarring. Pits or dents in the skin can result if popping the pimple aggravated the area and the acne outbreak.

The myth about using more medication if the acne inflammations are getting worse is just that, a myth. The fact is that over using medications can cause the acne to become worst. Medications that have salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide can actually dry out the skin and cause a redness that will aggravate the skin, which in turn could worsen the acne outbreaks. You should keep the use of medications to a minimum and use products that do not dry out the skin or cause redness. Acne is not a myth, it is real and you need understand what can and cannot cause an acne outbreak.


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