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Home Remedy For Pimples - Effectively Prevent Acne

Are you sick of waking up everyday and seeing that you still have an acne problem?

I'm sure you are. I felt the same way you do now before I discovered a home remedy for pimples that a friend of mine told me about.

You can effectively prevent acne without the use of over-the-counter cremes or even seeing a dermatologist for treatment of the skin.

How is this possible? It's through the use of a few treatments that cure acne .

What you should do rignt now starting tonight is exfoliate your skin. It's different from just plain cleansing of your face with a facial wash.

Exfoliating involves scrubbing the pores to effectively prevent and cure acne . Basically it's deep down pore cleansing. You can purchase a facial scrub containing tiny beads that scrub pores, or you can continue using your present facial wash if you want to.

Instead of using your fingertips to rub the facial wash in, you must use a wash cloth and gently rub it against your skin while using the cleanser.

Certain fruits and vegetables are great for the use of pimples. Some of these are tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, and even cucumber. I consider them to be a great home remedy for pimples as well as any other form of acne problem .

Simply cut open these fruits and veggies and rub them against your face to prevent acne and clear your skin of any present blemishes.

Here is a home remedy for pimples that works like a miracle. Take a raw garlic clove and chop it up into very fine grated pieces. Place the garlic in a small amount of milk. Let it sit for 30 minutes and apply this mixture to your face.


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