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Acne Elimination - Knowing About Infant Acne

Infant acne is the kind of acne developed on a child from the time they are a few weeks old to the age of around 3 years. Worried mothers often go all out to find the correct treatment for their child, while actually, there is no cure for infant acne. All that is needed is mild cleansing of the face and light topical creams.

Along with infant acne, there are many skin problems in children, and not all of them are acne or acne-related. Cradle cap is sometimes confused with infant acne. The child may even have some whitish boils on their face, which is milia, not infant acne.

Acne in babies is common, due to various reasons. Treatment is not often given accurately as acne can be confused with different kinds of skin problems. It is essential to first pinpoint whether or not the child is suffering from infant acne before rushing into all kinds of treatment.

Infant acne is seen in the form of redness of the face, often confused with heat rash on an allergy. Sometimes, small boils erupt on these red patches, which is the acne. The main target areas are the forehead, chin and the back. The main external stimulants are saliva coming regularly in contact with the face, or dribbled food or milk which hasn't been wiped away. As for internal causes, hormones which have traveled from the mother to the child during pregnancy can be seen as an instigator.

The infant acne usually clears up by itself in around three months or so. Many mothers think that acne in infants is caused by dirt, but this is not the case. Scrubbing of the child's face, application of creams and oils, and over-cleansing all aggravate the acne and make it much worse. This could prove fatal, as the acne will cease to clear up in future, and may instigate acne for the child later on in life.

In many cases, it is found that there really is not much of a cure for infant acne, as opposed to normal pimples in teenagers. Patience is vital, as time plays a major part in clearing up.


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