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Acne Pimple Home Remedies - Discover The Secrets of Well-Balanced Acne Diet

The basic for acne pimple home remedies is a healthy diet. Healthy diet can help your immune system and reduce acne. It's all about eating the right balance of nutrients, vitamins and drinking plenty of water on a regular basis.

Your digestion is not what it could be, and that this is having a knock-on effect on your skin. In this case, you may want to seek the advice of a qualified nutritionist to take you through a full nutritional program or any changes you wish to make. Because of the diverse nature of skin disorders and all the different underlying causes it is impossible to give blanket dietary guidelines which apply to everyone.

Guidelines for an optimum diet in terms of acne pimple home remedies:

1. Water: Have six glasses each day.

2. Colorful fruit and vegetables: Have five daily servings, including red/orange/yellow vegetables and fruits, purple foods, green foods, onions and garlic,and 'seed' foods such as peas.

3. Fresh seeds: Each day have one tablespoon of mixed fresh seeds, e.g. pumpkin, sunflower, sesame or ground hemp/linseed.

4. Essential fats: Have a tablespoon of cold-pressed seed oils daily and oily fish three times a week.

5. Fiber-rich foods: Eat plenty of whole grains, root vegetables, lentils and beans.

6. Organic foods: Eat organic as far as possible.

7. Alternatives to dairy products: Try sometimes using alternatives to milk and cheese such as Soya, milk and tofu.

8. Vegetable sources of protein: Include some Soya, beans, lentils and sprouted seeds.Yoghurt: Have low-fat, live, organic yoghurt.

9. Alcohol: Avoid completely or limit your alcohol intake.

10. Tea and coffee: Have no more than two cups a day.

What to avoid:

1. Sugar: Don't add sugar to drinks and cereals, and avoid sugary foods such as soft drinks, sweets, jams, many cereals, biscuits, cakes and desserts.

2. Refined carbohydrates: Don't have foods containing white flour, such as bread, biscuits, cakes, pastries and pasta.

3. Chemicals: Don't have foods containing chemical additives. This includes most canned, preserved or processed foods.

4. Fried foods: Don't have fried foods. Boil, steam, bake or lightly grill them instead.

5. Fatty foods: Don't have foods like butter, cream and ice cream.

6. Processed fats: Don't have processed foods as most of them contain trans-fats.

7. Smoking: Don't smoke at all.

As for acne pimple home remedies vitamins play important function:

Vitamin A is necessary for the maintenance of healthy skin and hormonal balance. Good natural sources of vitamin A include carrots, green leafy vegetables (eg. broccoli, kale, spinach), yellow/orange fruits (e.g. peaches, apricots, mangoes).

Zinc is known to help acne sufferers. There have been several reports of patients who were 'cured' of longstanding acne which were 'cured' with a low fat diet coupled with zinc gluconate supplements. In a controlled study, zinc was shown to have "dramatic improvement" in approximately 60% of acne sufferers. Zinc is found naturally in generous amounts in brewers yeast, whole grains, brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds.

Vitamin B6 is particularly helpful in cases of acne.

Chromium is related to blood sugar - the more sugars we eat, the more chromium we need. Hence the common deficiency; most people eat excess sugar foods. Researchers have found that people with unstable blood sugar levels have a high incidence of severe acne and that when these patients are given 400 micrograms of chromium in the form of yeast, their skin rapidly improved. Chromium is found in brewers yeast and molasses.

Selenium - research has shown that selenium coupled with vitamins A & E can within 12 weeks reduce the severity of persistent acne and help alleviate resultant scarring.


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