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Natural Acne Treatment - Vitamin A, the Permanent Acne Cure

Over the years vitamin has been proven to be a major acne cure. This solution was neglected and different forms of solutions were introduced. Different drugs with vitamin A have been created but with different side effects, some greater than acne.

Different forms of vitamins are useful in preventing, curing and removing acne and scars.

Firstly let us see the vitamin type that we have:

We have vitamin A, Vitamin B vitamin C Vitamin D Vitamin E. Each performing different functions but still working to attack acne.

In this article we will focus on how it will help you prevent, cure and eradicate acne.

Acne and Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is very much needed to maintain clean, healthy skin and hormone balance. Acne could manifest as a result of low intake of vitamin A in the blood.

Vitamin A proficiency was tested on some women who within some weeks found their feet and become acne free. Even the scars disappeared. vitamin A is capable of removing acne within a very short time but not overnight.

Good natural sources of vitamin A are recommended. They major source being fruits.

Vitamin A supplements might not be the best and if you consider using them, please get professional advice. The intake recommended should not be up to 25,000iu. Anything higher than that could cause child defect especially when used by pregnant mother.

Also be careful of expensive drugs. Most of them do not deliver what they promise. Some actually solve your acne problems but gives you more skin irritations than acne itself.

Here are foods you can eat that will increase your vitamin A blood level. They include carrots,vegetables like spinach and broccoli. Fruits also generally are rich in vitamin A.


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