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Treat Acne at Home

If you want to treat your acne at home then I have some top tips for you to use that will help you clear your skin...

Cleansers can be bought at the chemists or supermarket, but you can also try using some natural ingredients from your kitchen. Lemons and limes will often help, and the way to use them is to squeeze some juice into warm water, then gently splash onto your face. This is often more effective than buying cleansers at $50 a pop because lemons and limes are natural anti-bacterials!

Changing your diet will help even within a few days of doing so. Try to eat more vegetables and less fats. Acne sufferers cannot properly absorb and use fat or oil very well, and they can lead to pimples and cysts. It is best to avoid fats and eat more vegetables, which contain lots of good nutrients that are hard to get anyway else, including supplements.

Drinking lots of good quality water is a must for acne sufferers, and the plus side is that not only will your acne reduce or even clear up by doing so, your general health will benefit as well. For example, one very common "side effect" of drinking lots of water is an increase of energy.

In summary then, a good mini-program to treat acne at home is to use a lemon or lime based cleansing solution, eat more vegetables and less fats, and drink lots of water. Do this everyday and your skin will clear up.


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