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Homemade Pimple Solution

There is actually no magic with this solution. It is very simple to prepare and it works. Forget about those claim or products that cost fortune. This is a simple solution-"recipe" booklet with clear and simple instruction. NO unnecessarily added content. The solution has been use widely in asia and many parts of the world. It is very easy to use and effective for most skin type. No side effects. (unless, you are allergic to the ingredients).

A lot of people are just to shy to see a doctor. Then you need to read this.

So, You want Magic Solution for your acne? Magic pimple homemade solution? Cheap, Effective and safe? Tired of the pimples? If you are an asian and you have pimple problem. Then, you are in luck. I am showing you ways to deal with it effectively using a simple homemade solution. Read on....

The solutions are suitable mainly for asian type of skin. I don't have enough experience with caucasian type of skin. Take note.

So, after reading the above and have no idea what it is? Nevermind, I could suggest an easy way out. Just follow the recommendation as below:

1. Get Cetaphil clenser. (You could get it in most pharmacy/ local drug store)
2. Use antibiotic gel eg. clindamycin (also found in most drug store)
3. And finally, if this doesnt work go and see your doctor.

Of course there are certain things you should be aware of. It includes Smoking and Drinking are both BAD for your skin. Make sure you go to bathroom daily. Yes, get help if you have problems of constipation. This is of course no magic.


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