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Is There A Cure For Acne?

You have probably asked or at least wondered "is there a cure for acne?" Maybe you have wasted a lot of money on the latest or most popular cure for acne on TV only to find that it didn't work.

It's a proven fact, not all acne medications and solutions are created equal. You have to be careful, some even have dangerous side effects.

There are a ton of cures for pimples and treatments that cure acne that are totally natural and effective.

One that comes to my mind almost immediately is tea tree oil. You might even have some of this in your medicine cabinet right now. It's great for cuts, burns, and bruises.

What's even more great in your case is that it's a natural cure for acne . Have you heard of benzoyl peroxide? It's the leading ingredient in most acne products, usually in a 2% concentration.

It works great and kills acne causing bacteria. The problem is it's very harsh on your skin. Well you can get the same exact benefits using tea tree oil.

The difference is tea tree oil will control pimples and breakouts by killing the bacteria, and you will not overdry the skin.

There is another excellent cure for acne. It's coconut oil. It works like a miracle and should be used daily as a remedy for any acne problem.

Cut open tomatoes, potatoes, and cucumbers and rub the pulps of these fruits and vegetables against your skin.

The makeup of these that being potassium, vitamin C, sulphur, and protein will help clear the skin in no time.

After using these natural treatments for acne on your face and body, you will see not only clear skin but healthier skin.


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