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Cure Acne The Natural Way And Control Pimples

Everyday there seems to be some kind of advertisement on television for the latest solution to control pimples and breakouts, or just plain cure acne.

Have you ever wondered if they really work like they say they do? I have and I've tried a great number of them in an effort to find a cure for my acne problems. A friend of mine put me on the latest secret that all of the acne treatment product companies are keeping a total secret. You can cure acne the natural way with the use of a few home remedies.

One of these is tea tree oil . Maybe you have heard of it but if not it's a great oil for healing burns, cuts, and bruises. What you will find out is that it will help to control your pimples.

Just apply tea tree oil to your face twice daily, norming and night. The good thing about it is that it's perfect for those who have sensitive skin. It kills acne causing bacteria very fast and is probably the best natural way to cure acne. If you're not exfoliating your skin then chances are you're not getting the best cleansing possible to make way for clear skin.

Cleansing and exfoliating are similar but different. Exfoliating involves cleansing down to the pores below the epidermis. It's basically "pore scrubbing".

There are a few facial scrubs out there that you can buy that contain tiny beads that help exfoliate the skin. If you're fine with your current facial wash, you can control pimples and acne even better by using a facial cloth instead of your fingertips.

The roughness of the cloth will help lift dirt and oil that's deep inside pores to cure acne.


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