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Does Stress Cause Acne?

This has been an argument amongst professionals for a very long time. There are those that believe that stress causes acne and there are others who say that it cannot be scientifically proven. So what is the truth? Stress in and of itself does not cause your face to breakout. But it still is related to causing blemishes to emerge.

When we are nervous, our body's enzyme and immune systems stimulates our oil glands. DHT hormones work overtime when a person is anxious and that is what causes the skin eruptions. Therefore, it only makes sense that if we decrease our levels of anxiety, we will decrease our oil production and decrease acne. A normal life with normal pressures should not cause flare-ups. But severe nervousness can create an environment in the body to enable the oil glands to start producing much more oil than what happens regularly.

Actually, it's not only hormones when stressed that causes acne. When we are having a bad day we tend to sweat more. We know that perspiring affects our sebaceous glands but no one really knows how or how much. But it seems like perspiration from stress and pimples go hand in hand. If you tend to perspire during exercise, don't stop working out because you think it causes outbreaks. Physical movement relieves tension and will ultimately help your skin disorder.

Take a hot bath, have a cup of chamomile tea and chill out. Read uplifting books and watch inspiring television shows or films. Before you realize it you'll be relaxing and your skin will thank you for it.


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