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How To Cure Cystic Acne

Severe cystic acne is one of the worse skin conditions you can acquire. So many products have promised a cure for this condition. And almost all have turned into nothing but a bunch of false promises and hyped up hope, but no cure. This condition is difficult to alleviate.

This form of acne is created deep within the skin's surface. It is caused by bacteria which makes it filled with pus and sebum. If left untreated by a dermatologist, it can create deep crevices on your face and body which are almost impossible to get rid of. Ordinary acne treatments such as benzoyl peroxide have no effect on this devastating skin condition.

So how do you truly cure cystic acne? If it is severe, you will ultimately find yourself in a dermatologist's office. If you allow him to pop the cyst and clean it out, it will become flat and it will disappear over time. But this is not something that you just decide to do. Discuss it with your doctor because it is a very painful procedure and you will more than likely have to take antibiotics following it until it heals.

The only other treatment that seems to cure this form of acne is Accutane which has a success rate of nearly 50% to completely heal these deep acne blemishes. Accutane helps in three different ways: it does away with the bacteria therefore the swelling and redness will disappear; it stops the cyst from producing sebum which is what created it in the first place; it decreases cell production so that the cyst can no longer fill up with pus or form a whitehead. But this does not happen overnight. Many times, especially for severe cystic acne, it can take months to seem some great results.

Both of the above can treat this form of acne and eventually see its demise. Only you can decide which one is for you. But you need to do something. This type of skin disorder, if left unchecked, will only get worse and leave you with lifelong scars.


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