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Acne Home Remedy - Zap Those Blackheads

As with everything, some products work for some and not for others. Our skin is all different and because of that, we spend millions of dollars a year on products which are useless. But for centuries, people have used ingredients which are around their own homes. Below is some of that last which you will find will be a very effective acne home remedy. And many of them will finally remove those stubborn blackheads that we all want to get rid of so badly.

1. Put toothpaste on your blackheads every night. Wash off in the morning.

2. Rub a piece of lemon over your blackheads before starting your acne routine.

3. Perfect acne home remedy for blackheads - Mix 1 teaspoon ground nut oil with the same amount of lime juice. Apply to area and leave on for 20-30 minutes. Wash off.

4. Oatmeal mask - Mix oatmeal powder with rose water to form a paste that will spread on the skin fairly easily. Massage in, paying special attention to the area that has the most acne. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with cold water.

5. Boil mile and blend with equal amount of lemon or lime juice. Wash face with it. Rinse.

6. Grate potatoes and place onto the area which is most affected. Leave on for 30 minutes. Wash face normally.

7. Another acne home remedy to zap those blackheads - mix half tablespoon of boric powder with one and one half cups of hot water. Soak a paper towel with the solution. Lay on face and press. Do this several times a day. Follow with a gentle astringent.

Some forms of acne are very difficult to get to respond to treatment. Blackheads are one of those pesky problems which always seem to be around. It is best not to squeeze or pick at them because they can become infected. We have found that the more ideal way to remove them is with an acne home remedy made especially to zap blackheads. After you use the above which will help loosen and many times dislodge them, if you have to, use tissue paper on each side of the blemish and gently press. That should get it to come out easily.


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