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How To Cure Your Acne Cheaply With These 3 Methods

In this article, you will be shown the top 3 methods to cure acne on a strict budget. That means no expensive creams, lotions and pills. You are only going to concentrate on cheap methods to cure acne. Although these methods are cheap to implement, but do not ever underestimate what they are able to do on your acne condition. Let's get started.

Cheap Method #1 - Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is by far the best topical acne treating regimen. It kills acne causing bacterias easily and thus cures and prevents acne. You can throw those expensive, branded products for acne now that you know about tea tree oil. It is without a doubt better than most products for acne on the market. Also, it is natural so you won't need to worry those nasty side effects such as irritation and kidney malfunction that other medical acne treatments cause.

Cheap Method #2 - Detoxification

When it comes to treating acne, the best way to cure acne is by detoxifying your body. There are several ways to detoxify your body and my recommendation is that you try some detox methods out and find out what works best on you and concentrate on that one that works. To remove your guesswork, based on my acne fighting experience, I know that a detox diet is best for acne.

A good detox diet is a diet that consists of:

1. A lot of vegetables and fruits.

2. A lot of pure aqua.

3. A lot of fibers.

3. Less salts, sugar and fats.

Detoxification works. Even when it's implemented to cure acne alone, it's already effective enough to cure your acne dramatically.

Cheap Method #3 - Your Skin Needs Food.

Acne can be a sign that something is wrong on the inside. Your skin needs nutrients to maintain your skin's health. Your skin is a vital organ that is usually given the less care. If your body is not receiving the right nutrition, it will fight back. One common way it will rebel is to produce excessive sebum, which leads to clogging pores, and reducing the ability for your skin to heal and fight bacteria. You can get most essential vitamins and minerals for the skin by eating more vegetables and fruits. Apples, pineapples, and oranges are all great fruits for your skin and acne.


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