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Top 5 Tips to Stop Acne Fast Permanently

Acne is a complex problem and finding a permanent and effective solution can be a great challenge. It is important to keep your hopes up and try new methods if the current ones you are using are not working. Each person's acne condition is unique and unfortunately there is no single magic acne cure, you just need to keep using different acne treatment options until you find an approach that works for you. Here are some tips to help you become acne free faster.

Tip 1: Eat More Natural Foods

Most people's diets are loaded with processed and other kinds of junk foods. Try to minimize your consumption of these types of food and instead focus on eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. Try to eat lots of fresh green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach as they can offer many useful acne fighting properties. Fruits and vegetables are water rich foods and help to naturally remove toxins from your body as well as providing your body with much needed nutrients.

Tip 2: Reduce Stress

Prolonged stress can contribute to making acne worse. It is important to find ways to reduce stress. One effective approach is to take part in regular exercise such as aerobics or weight training. You will also get the added benefit of becoming healthier and stronger too. Learning how to do meditation or yoga can be another way to reduce stress. Buy a book on meditation and apply some of the basic meditation exercises into your daily lives.

Laughing more often can also be great at reducing stress. Consider watching more funny tv shows or movies or read more funny comics that you like. A pet like a dog can also be great at stress reduction, just be sure that you are ready to make the financial and time commitment to take care of the new pet.

Tip 3: Juice Fast

Going on a juice fast can offer many potential benefits including reducing your acne. It is ideal to make the juices out of fresh fruits and vegetables using your own juicer so as to avoid consuming preservatives and other chemicals found in bottled juices. Try to juice a lot of fresh carrots as they contain many nutrients that are great for the skin.

Tip 4: Consume A Green Drink

Green drinks also known as whole food supplements can usually be found in the supplements sections in most large supermarkets or health food stores. They are usually in powdered form and can come in a variety of flavors. The benefits of consuming these is that they help to detoxify your body naturally and help to alkalize your body which helps to promote an internal environment where acne causing bacteria cannot thrive.

Tip 5: Do not pop or touch your acne

Touching your acne will only introduce more bacteria which will make it worse. Resist the urge to pop your acne because this can lead to greater inflammation and increased scarring. Follow some of these acne clearing tips to help you get clear skin.


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