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What Really is Acne?

Lets take a good look at Acne.

Did you know that almost everyone has had to deal with Acne at one time or the other be it as adolescents or even as adults? One would then have to really be surprised at why most people still don't what Acne really is, What causes it and how to treat it.

Lets ask this question. Is Acne that Big a Problem?

Acne is not terminal in anyway and can not really have a serious adverse effect on ones health. The reason we are concerned about it is that it can really eat up ones self confidence. I guess you would agree that anything that affects a persons self confidence is important enough to give some quality time addressing. This then means we really need to know its causes so as to know how to effectively treat it.

We've all heard many interesting theories and insider stories about causes of Acne ranging from diet issues, to hygiene and Stress to name but a few.

This article is not meant to shock you but to tell you the truth based on researched facts. Did you know that washing ones face too frequently can contribute to it? I am not trying to promote uncleanliness but the truth is that washing your face twice a day is your best bet.

We all agree as far as common sense dictates that a well balanced diet is good in fact ideal for living well (this also includes the skin) But eating your chocolates, pizza and all those "junk" has not been scientifically proven to cause Acne.
But surely, stress must cause Acne! Well, lets have some proof because there is no evidence to support such claims.
What about the gains of sun bathing? Many of us like a nice tan. T he truth is that it may mask Acne symptoms but would certainly not cure it. We have lots of documented proofs on the other hand of the harmful effects of the sun on our dear skin.

What then causes Acne?

The body like we all must know has its own private Army. When the skin pores are clogged, oil and bacteria are trapped within and the body sends it Army to the rescue. The ensuing fight leaves the skin with inflammations no wonder they say " when two elephants fight, the grass suffer" skin here is the grass. ( that was on lighter note)

Seriously now, can this condition be treated? certainly but I am sorry to add that seeking and finding the right treatment would involve some trial and error.

When you have found a treatment that works for you which you should know after using a product for about 8 weeks (Note any product that doesn't show improvements after about 8 weeks, should be discontinued and another option sought), add these simple tips to further improve the result you get.

1, Do not squeeze, pick or play with the affected spots
2, Wash your face with a mild cleanser.
3, Use cosmetics labeled noncomedogenic and finally,
4, Follow the instruction given with whatever product you choose.

Like I said earlier, give it 8 weeks to determine it effectiveness.

Now, that was interesting and I'm hoping that we all now have facts about Acne and we would be looking forward to building back our self confidence by getting the most out of our skins.

Happy skin make over.


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