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Myths About Acne and Your Diet

There is no other myth surrounding what causes acne that has caused more headache and paranoia as has the myths about acne and diet. It leaves you thinking if pizza cause acne? What about french fries? And so on. Some of these myths are crock perpetuated by some overly zealous health columnist. Rest of them popular folklore. This article is aimed at dispelling these myths and shed some light on the findings of recent scientific studies on the topic.

MYTH #1: Acne is NOT caused by what you eat.

This is one of the lesser known myths. This claim is based on a research that was done more than 30 years ago! A group of prisoners were given a "control bar" and another group were given a chocolate bar and were allowed to eat their regular prison food. Recently this particular study was revisited and found to be flawed. Furthermore, recent research has found otherwise - fatty food do not cause acne at all.

MYTH #2: Acne is caused by "oily food" or "fatty food" such as pizza or french fries.

While being the most popular myth on acne it is not as successful in being factual.

Food Items That Really Cause Acne

Contrary to what you might expect, some of the food items that most people reach for trying to avoid fatty food are the real culprits! Think about the damage done to a lot of those people's skin by this myth. The food items that cause acne are the food items that cause a rapid increase in blood sugar. Those are the food items OTHER than most junk food.

The Anti Acne Diet

It is possible to reduce your acne by over 90% just by reducing the intake of certain kinds of foods such as white bread, rise and potato chips. It is just a matter of eating less of certain types of foods and eating more of food items you are already eating.


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