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Causes of Adult Acne - Who is Affected Most?

Statistics say that adult acne affects women more than men, which may not be a surprise. It is thought that the causes of adult acne start from hormonal fluctuations and by nature acne could be considered a hormonal condition as hormones are in charge of controlling the oil glands in our skin.

  • Women's hormones tend to fluctuate more than men, which helps explain why acne in women tends to be more likely and more erratic than acne in men.
  • Pre-menstrual flare ups of acne are reported to affect 60-70% of women who suffer adult acne.
  • The natural cycles like menstruation, pregnancy months and during menopause are common times for women to experience extreme hormone fluctuations and adult acne.
I personally don't know anyone who has not had a spot in their adult life. Some people have one or two spots now and again whereas as others suffer more severe adult acne. It can be difficult to live with no matter what age you are, and can cause psychological problems as well as social anxiety in an adult just like it can in a teenager suffering acne.

There are several times in our lives, for both male and females, when our hormones can become unbalanced and wreak havoc on our bodies, including puberty, stressful times, poor diet and, well, whenever they feel like it. More specifically, one of the causes of adult acne may be androgens, male hormones present in both genders. The excess oil produced by these hormones may be the culprit in clogging the hair follicles which allows bacteria to grow and causes acne.


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