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Acne Free in 3 Days by Chris Gibson - Review

As a teen, I suffered from chronic cystic acne for many years. My acne continued into my early 20s before I finally decided to take action and lose my spots. To treat my skin, I used many different over-the-counter products, such as Accutane and various different antibiotics, but nothing worked well and they all had bad side-effects. After many years of trying and failing to cure my acne I had almost completely given up just a few months ago. That was, until I came across Acne Free in 3 Days by Chris Gibson.

I first heard of the program on a news interview with its author, Chris Gibson. It promised to cure acne in just a matter of days with a completely natural solution. The report showed some positive testimonials from pleased clients and explained, scientifically, how Acne Free in 3 Days by Chris Gibson works.

It was all quite impressive and I must say, I was quickly sold on it. But, naturally, I was somewhat skeptical. I decided to research the product thoroughly before I invested $39 into it.

It seemed mostly all of the reviews I could find were positive, from people who succeeded in curing their acne with the program. It appeared that the promise of a 98% success rate was true. On top of this, I found out that there was a full money-back guarantee offered if one doesn't succeed. So, seeing as there was little risk, I went ahead and purchased Acne Free in 3 Days by Chris Gibson.

Acne Free in 3 Days is a 3-day detoxification program. It works by removing toxins from your major organs, so they are not deposited on your skin as acne. The program also allows the liver to control its production of a certain hormone that makes the skin oily allowing acne to thrive. Basically, the program removes all sources of acne from within the body. A detoxified body will not suffer from acne, and Gibson's program is intended to take advantage of this fact.

I followed the program strictly. After 3 days I noticed a considerable difference in my skin's condition. Surprisingly the effects really started to kick in on the third day. Although I wasn't exactly cured I noticed my acne was way more controlled than it had been in many years. However I wanted to continue following the plan for a few days, to see if I could completely clear my acne.

I figured I should carry on with the program for 3 more days. It was just 2 days later when I noticed my acne had completely cleared up... Incredibly, I was acne free for the first time in over 10 years, after just 5 days of taking action.

My acne had cleared up all over. My face, back and shoulders were completely free from redness and inflammation. But what was most impressive was how the condition of my scarring had improved 10-fold over the last 5 days. I could have said I was acne free at that point, and I would have gotten away with it.

Acne Free in 3 Days has helped me and thousands of others to take action and cure their acne in a matter of days. It helped me, a chronic cystic acne sufferer of more than 10 years, to regain my image and self-confidence. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anybody looking to cure their acne quickly.


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