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God, No More 9 11

"Oh! God... It's awful... something incredible. I never thought the JFK airport would be such a mess. It's in derelict. Where gone all its splendor and majesty?" Durga said to herself, and stopped in her track. The fall, which had completely wrapped the airport in its cold spell, blurred her sight. But she could still see heaps of debris, stones and rubble all over the airport as if an earthquake had devastated it. "Where's Krishna?" she murmured, looking around the airport with her hands clasped and face full of horror. The lounge was terribly empty and wore a look of fright. A band of security guards were clearing the wreckage. Durga now saw Krishna rising up from one of the heaps of debris lying in the middle of the runway.

Barcelona, Home Of Picasso

It's easy to be confused by the many Picasso Museums in Europe - in Malaga, Barcelona, Paris and Antibes. A brief study of the influential Spanish artist's life explains all. Born in Malaga; raised in Barcelona; lived in Paris and holidayed in Antibes. It's a surprise only in one sense that Malaga, the Andalusian city of Picasso's birth, has devoted a fine museum to one its most famous sons - Picasso had a lifelong loathing of the city and rarely went back to Malaga as an adult, despite living there to the age of ten and enjoying, it seems, a happy childhood. It's thought the disdain many Catalans have for the south - and many of Picasso's friends were Catalan - may have turned him against Malaga.

The Process Of Enamel Inlay Over Silver

Russian culture is full of colors, in everything they do architecturally in their homes, in their churches, and also within their smaller artistic creations of their everyday living. Not only were their inner and outer surroundings painted with colorful variations, but they were also decorated with enamels that were brilliantly translucent. Many of these jewels like enamels of the 19th Century were made by the court enameler, Ovchinikov, during the reign of Tzar Aleksandr III. It was during the reigns of the Tzar's of Aleksandr II, Aleksandr III, and Tzar Nikolai II that there was an explosion of creative beauty within the artistic world of Russian enamel and silver.

The Joy of Creating Art

Anytime we take a look at someone who keeps creating the same product over and over again - no matter what his activity is - we find someone who is unhappy about what he is creating. This is a condition that occurs when one's attention and concentration becomes fixated on one task and he ultimately finds himself faced with "debris." This is when creating becomes an automaticity as a counter-creativity resulting in an accumulation of unwanted "particles." When the debris accumulates and he doesn't know what to do about them, and since he is still in a creative mode, he distracts himself from it by trying his hands in something else that doesn't appear to have - in his estimation - a whole lot of debris.

Math And The Arts - Essential Partners

It's subtle, far-reaching, and coercive, and we start learning it as early as the first grade. It may not be well-supported by research, yet it defines many peoples' self-image, their college majors, and their job choices. What is it? It's the idea that there are "math people" and "humanities people": students who "naturally" excel in math and students who "naturally" excel at the humanities, subjects such as English, visual art, history, drama, and social studies. Sometimes this idea is linked to the notion of "right-brained" and "left-brained" people-logical vs. intuitive-though brain scientists dispute this pop-psychological idea, pointing out that traits are not localized in the brain in quite this way, and that people cannot be sorted so easily.

Are You A Michael Savage Fan?

Have you heard of the third most popular talk show host in the radio world? Michael Savage is a powerful, intuitive, informative talk show genius! If you haven't heard his amazing talk show I suggest you find a local radio station that carries his show I have been a Michael Savage fan for about three months. I discovered his amazing show when I was driving home from college. On my way home, I was browsing through the radio stations, seeking something to maintain my sanity on the three hour drive. I suddenly stumbled upon a talk show that began talking about deep life issues including current issues! Ever since the moment I found his show I have tried to listen to him every possible chance I have.

The Key A Fairytale - Chapter 4 - Nothing Left To Lose Part 4

"So, you are ready to renounce everything, " a John said. Then he smiled and added, "Words are spoken with ease, my good friend, compared to the actual experience of this discipline, although there are some key seekers who live in the forest quite comfortably. Some live without irritation; not desiring the touch of a woman or the taste of exquisite foods, the security of a home or the comfort of a bed. They are fortunate, for their interest in these things fell away naturally due to the simple practice of their inner work. They were not obligated to painfully give these things up. Disinterest in worldly enticements is a measure of progress in the quest for the key, which is one's ever-closer approach to Reality.

Magic Tricks - Are You Ready To Learn Them?

Is it easy to do what magicians are doing in front of many spectators? How does it feel if you are the one who is performing these kind of magic sleights? Have you ever wondered how the magician on stage managed to get the rabbit out of the hat? Or how he managed to get the girl out of the coffin when she was sitting right next to you? Well, magic tricks are not easy to learn or perform. But there is a huge art lying behind the madness and the magic. It may not be easy for you to start making people vanish into thin air, but you surely can try your hands at some sort of magic tricks. But most people keep wondering where to start and they end up never starting at all.

Naruto Episodes 1 - 5

Episode 1 "Homecoming" Naruto Uzumaki returns to Konoha after a two-and-a-half-year training journey with Jiraiya. He is reintroduced to his peers, who have all advanced to Chunin rank and beyond, unlike Naruto who is still a Genin. Elsewhere, two members of Akatsuki head towards Sunagakure to capture Gaara, who has since become the Kazekage, the village leader. Episode 2 "Akatsuki makes its move" Jiraiya tells Kakashi Hatake that Akatsuki's plan to collect the tailed beasts is underway. Because of the Demon Fox inside him, Naruto is in danger any time he leaves the village, so Jiraiya relinquishes Naruto's training to Kakashi, who can ensure his safety.

Naruto Episodes 6 - 10

Episode 6 "Quota Cleared" Deidara is determined to capture the Kazekage. Unfazed by the loss of his arm, he unleashes a massive clay bomb onto the village. Gaara is able to deflect the bomb by using his sand to create an enormous shield over the village. However, this leaves him open to a sudden attack, and he inadvertently uses sand that had been seeded with Deidara's clay to defend himself. Deidara then detonates the clay-infested sand, which knocks Gaara unconscious. Deidara captures him and flies away. Episode 7 "Run, Kankuro" As Deidara carries an unconscious Gaara out of the village, Gaara's older brother Kankuro chases after them. At the village entrance he discovers that all the guards there have already been killed.

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