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Brighten Your Day With A Smiley!

Smileys and emoticons are simple ways to dress up your forum posts, e-mails, and websites. If you have never used them before, there is not time better than right now. They are a great way to add your mood or how you feel about the person you are writing. A smiley is a great way to make both you, and the person who you are sending the smiley to, feel happy. It is hard to look at a goofy graphic and not feel that tug at the corner of your lips because you just want to smile when you see one! Sometimes the only way to say it is with a smiley! If you have feelings you just can't express, sometimes a graphic is the way to do it. Send a graphic that includes hearts to your crush and he or she is sure to get the idea!

Express How You Feel With A Smiley!

Have you tried to express your mood or feelings online? Sometimes it is easier using a smiley or emoticon. With these small icons you can convey new meaning to your forum posts, emails and website content. Adding a smiley to your message is a great way to make the person you are sending it to feel happy. Smiles are infectious, even computer generated ones. There are times when words just won't do. A smiley or computer graphic can be the best solution to letting someone know how you feel. Sending hearts or a teddy bear hug graphic is a sure way to let your crush know you're interested. Emoticons and smileys can also save you from the uncomfortable embarrassment of trying to say or write to someone how you feel.

Make Someone's Day, Use a Smiley

Make your forum posts, emails or IM's more exciting with an emoticon. Emoticons are a type of small computer generated graphic that are able to express for you how you feel when you write. Anyone, even those who have never tried before, can use a smiley. Sending a friend a smiley is a great way to cheer them up. How can they not smile when they see that you are "smiling" thinking of them? Do you know someone special you just don't know how to tell them how you feel? Send your crush a message with hearts or a kissing emoticon, and they will get your message loud and clear. If you do not get the response you want back from your crush, you can just say you hit the wrong button or were just playing.

Symbolic Expression of Emotion in Text

Smileys and emoticons are used in written forms of communication to describe a particular emotion or mood that is within the message that is sent. They consist of eyes formed by colons (or semicolons to show winking) and mouths formed by various letters or symbols ranging from a D to symbolize a large smile or a left hand parentheses to express sadness. Here are several example: : (; ) : D. The difference between the two is that smileys use purely text characters while the second group are pictures of little yellow faces which express the same emotions of the text smiles but without the usage of text based characters. Such little pictures can be had from smileyCentral.

Using Symbols to Show Emotion in Text

In written forms of communication, smileys or emoticons are used to portray the mood of the message. To make the smiley faces, colons or semicolons are used for the eyes and various letters are used for the mouth to display the emotion. For instance a smiley face with a wink and a smile is a semicolon with a closing parenthesis. Example; ) For a frown a colon with a left hand parentheses. Example : (. A big smile is a colon with a capital D. Example : D While smileys are made purely of text characters, emoticons are little yellow faces that can be loaded from smileyCentral. Both display emotions to enhance the message of the text. The acceptance of the smileys for informal and written messages are largely due to the abundance of communications by text messages, message boards and instant messaging (IM).

The Key A Fairytale - Chapter 3 - Broken Wings Part 6

"Now King, I'll ease your curiosity a bit. Listen closely. The Great Weapons you will master through this inner work are three: A concentrated mind, an investigative mind, and an insightful mind. Concentration is your sword. Investigation is the skill of wielding the sword. Insight is the ability to find the dragon. "Only by mastering these three can you ever hope to prepare yourself for the inevitable battle to the death to extract your key." "So, Sorcerer, where do I begin? You say this is an internal battle?" "Of course it is, and your first mission will be to sharpen your sword of Concentration. Now, how will you know when it is razor sharp? When you attain Eight Great Calms, that's when.

The DaDisney Code

For some time now there has been a school of thought on the internet which has pointed out a spooky synchronicity between Pink Floyd's 'the Dark Side of the Moon' and the film, 'The Wizard of Oz.' (Go on- check it out! )The latest rumour of this type is that an unidentified bestselling author based the characters in his novel upon those of the Seven Dwarves. Judge for yourself from the exerpts below, which are taken from an early draft of the work acquired only this week... Chapter 94 'The curator even died with a smile on his face, ' said the albino assassin. 'He was always happy, even in death. What bloody right had he got to be happy all of the time? He should have tried living my life.

The Real Professor Moriarty

The arch-villain Professor Moriarty, in the Sherlock Holmes stories has been described as the great detective's nemesis. However, the character has only actually featured in two of the many tales, "The Final Problem" and "The Valley of Fear". He is mentioned in passing, usually as reminiscences by Holmes, in five others. Conan Doyle's skill was of course in making Moriarty such a strong character. It is commonly believed that Doyle invented Moriarty for the sole purpose of killing off Sherlock Holmes, who, despite making Doyle famous and wealthy, had become somewhat of a burden to the author, who wished to concentrate on other projects. Of course, we all know the outcome.

What You Need To Start Face Painting

If you are a newbie for face painting, you can get started with an ebook can be downloaded on the internet or watch a 'how to' video. You will learn step by step to start paint a face either kid or adult. Learning to paint a kid face is not complicated as you think. You need high patience in the pratice, you can become a master to making a special event become fantastic. You need a complete painting toolbox which require around $200. 1. Obtaining Ideas If you want to start face painting, do you run out of ideas for the painting? Or you are beginner for this? How do you can obtain new ideas for the painting? There are efforts to get the ideas: Are there special occasions coming up?

Bamboo Is Amazing

In Thailand, where coastal swells can wreak havoc on villages, vacation spots, and farm land, bamboo is being talked about more and more. The typical coastal breaks are constructed of a series of 1.8 metre sand-filled fabric bags laid row upon row. It's something that many of the locals refer to as sand sausages. One of the concerns of many coastal residents and fishermen is that the sand can seep out of the bags and cover the creatures and their habitats that reside on the floor of the coastal waters. The leaking sand from the bags results in the killing of the creatures and changing the balance of the natural habitats and its dependent residents. Some authorities blame the hooks and other sharp fishing tools that are used by locals to catch their aquatic creatures for the sand bags spewing their contents.

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