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Fiction Books - Give Wings to Your Imagination

Fiction is defined as the act of feigning, inventing or imagining. This class of literature comprise the works of imaginative narration. Various genre of books are available in the markets these days. People who like reading books basically select their favorite ones from their preferred genre. Books often enhance the vocabulary power and the language skills of a reader. This habit is common in every age segment of people. From kids to grown ups, we can find a percentage of people which fall under the category of avid book readers. These books are popularly based on imagination and permit the readers to satisfy their desire for suspense and fantasy. Fiction books broadly include various genres within them.

Antique Perfume Bottles As A Collector's Gem

In recent years, the collection of antique perfume bottles has been a rising trend. More and more new collectors and dealers are forming everyday and looking for unique designer bottles of perfume. This upward trend is fuelled by the proliferation of usage of online auction sites by collectors and dealers to sell and buy their bottles. In fact, many collectors who are just starting out their personal collection likes to visit online auction sites like eBay and they have found many rare antique perfume bottles on sale there at very reasonable prices. This trend has also benefited dealers who now have an outlet to peddle their wares and still get the best possible prices for their unique bottles.

The Key A Fairytale - Chapter 4, Nothing Left To Lose Part 1

For five long years, I did fine by myself in the forest, but when I came upon Maradin and her cottage, everything came apart. It was my first real challenge and I wasn't up to it; I could still be easily duped and victimized by the grand illusions of the world. I was so disheartened that I sat in the field for days, eating nothing, utterly humiliated and disgraced. Conqueror nuzzled me from time to time, but I ignored him. I couldn't move. I was nothing, worthless in fact. People that I had previously looked upon with disgust; the poorest of the poor of my kingdom, were far better than I. These good folks went to work, day after day to backbreaking jobs, possibly being forced to associate with difficult people just to provide for their families.

Nature Photography - Technology Or Art?

Nature photography has been around since cameras were invented, but in the past 20 years it has achieved new-found credibility as an art form. Before that, it had been largely relegated to the tourist industry, where second-rate nature photography was mass marketed on postcards and calendars. You certainly would not expect to find nature photography featured in galleries and on the walls of the well-heeled and tasteful. Over the years, postcards and calendars began to improve in quality as nature photographers with real talent entered the industry. High quality posters of whales, wolves, elephants and spectacular landscapes from around the world were suddenly worthy of framing.

Pick the Perfect Pageant Interview Suit

So now that you've entered your pageant, you're going to need a pageant interview suit. So how do you select a pageant interview suit that creates the perfect impression? Here are 5 simple guidelines to help you look like the top contestant that you really are! 1. Style - Pick an interview suit that is stylish, without being too trendy. Don't select a suit that has tons of embellishments, is an unusual color, or is so "loud" that the judges remember the suit, but not you! Look for classic styles with a few style details such as an interesting neckline (great for seated one-on-one interviews), interesting detailing on the sleeves (perfect for standing panel interviews!

4 Easy Steps to Prepare for Your Pageant Interview

You've sent in the entry forms, paid the entry fee, and shopped for your pageant wardrobe. Now it's time to start thinking about preparing for "The Pageant Interview". The interview competition makes you pace the hall, gives you sweaty palms, and can give even the most experienced pageant contestant a headache. But how will you ever find time to prepare? Where do you start? Just take a deep breath and follow these 4 easy steps to prepare for a top pageant interview: 1. Watch the morning and/or evening news. This is a great way to get some "free training time" while you're doing something else. Watch your favorite news channel while getting dressed in the morning, or turn on the morning news while eating breakfast.

The Secret First Step To A Great Pageant Interview

Ahh, the comforts of being snug at home on a Friday night with a toasty fire, bowl of popcorn, and the remote control. I just love relaxing on the couch after a busy day and catching a few of my favorite shows. You can often find me watching CNN, the Discovery Channel... or wait, is that a makeover show? I can't resist a makeover show! I love the "reveal"... the excitement of family and friends, the wonderful new self-esteem... it sucks me in every time. I admit that after watching I feel slightly wistful about the seductive idea of perfect beauty. It's so easy to let TV shows and fashion magazines make us feel uncomfortable about how we look, contributing to a dip in our own self-confidence.

Lost Wax Casting Process

Lost Wax Casting is known as Cire Perdue in French. It is a process in which an artist's sculpture is used to cast bronze. The Lost Wax Casting method is also known as Investment Casting in the modern industrial world. This is a very ancient method used for casting small bronze sculptures, but today it is used to make many different artifacts and the process varies from foundry to foundry. Today this developed method of Lost Wax Casting is used to make articles like fine jewelery, show pieces, dental restoration, a few specific industrial parts and also some machine tools. Process of Lost Wax Casting: Rough Sculptor making: A creative artist makes an original sculptor or mold or an artwork by using raw material like wax, plaster of Paris or clay.

Am I Alone?

Did you know there are some folks out there that do not eat while watching a movie? Yeah, it's true. We had the in-laws over for dinner last weekend and after the usual amenities of staying in touch regarding his post skeletal replacements with alloy and my never ending bouts with the joints (I told ya I'm old). I heard that he went fishing the day before and thought I would ask did he catch anything. A normal question for those who do that sort of thing but it led to movies and food. How did we get there? I don't know. OK, I remember, My Mary was bringing in spaghetti and garlic bread (good stuff). My mind went to "this would be great with Clint Eastwood and those spaghetti westerns" and the conversation swayed to movies and food.

11:11 - Coincidence Or Destiny?

It was about four years ago that I first noticed the amber glowing 11:11 on my digital cable box. No biggie, it was just eleven minutes after eleven o' clock, right? Then it happened again that evening, I was not thinking about what time it was, I just happened to look at the cable box at that exact moment. I didn't think too much about it, the way most people would react I suppose, until it happened again the next day while I was preoccupied with the usual morning routine. At this time, I'm scoffing and shaking my head in amusement, "Three times in a row, hmmm." but the grinning stopped when it occurred yet again, that same evening. One week later, I'm gathering my writing materials together to call it a night and glance over my shoulder to see the bright amber 11:11 staring at me.

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