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Collecting Native American Pottery

Native American pottery is fun to collect. There are so many different pueblos, and each one has its own style of pottery. While collecting the pottery, you are also learning a lot about Native American art and culture. This form of art has been practiced for thousands of years. Yet it is constantly improving as modern artists are experimenting with new techniques and designs. You can purchase antique pottery or modern versions, and each has its pros and cons. Of course, the older pottery is much more expensive, if it is in good condition, because of the value as an antique. But the newer pottery can be just as beautiful or even more so. It is important to collect what you like and can afford.

Shogi - An Introduction To Japanese Chess

Shogi is commonly referred to in English as "Japanese Chess" because Shogi and Chess share some common characteristics and are both thought to have derived from the Indian game of Chaturanga. The first couple of things Chess players are likely to notice about Shogi are the size of the board and the number of pieces. Chess players who are used to playing with sixteen pieces each on an 8 x 8 board may be surprised to find that Shogi is played on a 9x9 board and that each player starts with twenty pieces. Also, whereas in Chess the pieces stand upright like soldiers, in Shogi they lie flat on the board and are wedge shaped, with the sharp end of the wedge pointing forwards so that the players can tell at a glance whose side each piece is on!

Ticket Brokers and Economics 101

There is a rule of business within free societies that governs the price you will pay for the commodities you desire, be it sports and concert tickets or any other commodity. That rule is basic Economics 101 "Rule of Supply and Demand". If the demand for tickets to particular sports, concert or theater event is greater than the amount of the pre-printed tickets, the price of the tickets will sell for above face value. However, even with ticket brokers, at times the price for the ticket will be discounted below face value because the demand is low and the broker has an inventory of tickets he or she needs to liquidate. Additionally, ticket brokers provide a convenient service to customers by often times having an inventory of tickets with prime seating.

The Key A Fairytale - Chapter 3 - Broken Wings Part 5

"What do you mean, 'mistaken identity?' Was Maradin lying about who she was?" "In an indirect way, yes, she was lying without knowing it. You see; it was not Maradin that you were in love with; the real object of your affection was something deep inside of her cleverly disguised as Maradin. You momentarily confused this maiden with the Source, with the Reality, as humans tend to do. "Maradin is not the Reality, she is merely an instant of existence, and therefore an illusion of Reality. In order for you to experience existence, to experience Maradin's existence, she must be constantly changing. You crave constancy, King, but fall for the tricks of existence every time!

The Buddha In Me Part One

The tick-tock of the wall clock, in the study, as if not ready to fall behind, kept a harmonious rhythm with John's heart-beat, during his walk to and fro. John Christopher did seem to be in a dilemma, as reflected on the contracted skin of his forehead. The ultimate step, emanating from the lingering duality, whether he could leave his wife and son, was being delayed, perhaps, due to the realization that he loved them more than anything else in the world. John had read many times that Lord Buddha had renounced all the worldly pleasures. This belief had made him strong enough to come out of the situation in which the family ties endeavored to confine him.

The Buddha In Me Part Two

Having come back to New York, he insisted on having a separate apartment, away from his father's luxurious villa. But he decided to enter his father's business. John's father had many showrooms all over the country. It provided John many opportunities of travelling around. The father was not less pleased to have his son beside. The Jaguars, Ferraries, Datsuns, Toyotas, etc. had always enchanted John. In the third year, John met a girl named Florence, a tall blonde, with dreamy blue eyes. She was a waitress in a nearby restaurant at Park Avenue. John often visited the place whenever he used to be in his New York office. It was a comfortable small restaurant near ABN bank.

Modern Architecture - Beauty Or Beast?

To keep pace with population explosion and to provide each and every one with a space to live in, the style of modern architecture was adopted. The technique adopts the form of simplification and eliminates the ornament form of building styles. This style of conserving space was conceptualized in the early 1920s. Modern architecture was followed by many powerful architects and architectural pedagogues. But this method gained its popularity only after the Second World War and now it is the dominant architectural style. The method of modern architecture owes its popularity to three greats namely Le Corbusier of France together with L.M van der Rohe and Walter Gropius of Germany.

How to Help Your Child Break Into Showbiz

So you've been told your child is a natural performer, but how do you get from compliments to credits? While the entertainment business is a tough one to break into, there are a few initial steps towards employing your child's creativity which you can take long before you start seeking representation. Step One - Be Honest. Every parent is probably a little biased about their own child's talents and looks, but showbiz isn't for everyone. Taking an unbiased look at your child to find out if s/he has what it takes is possible. Just remember that the more honest you are with yourself about his/her current abilities, the more likely s/he is to succeed in the long run.

The Sentimental Dickens

Charles Dickens, perhaps the greatest writer of serialized novels of all time, was at times criticized for being too sentimental. Considering where he came from and all he had to overcome in his life, especially at such a young age, shouldn't the more sentimental aspects of his writings be embraced and used as a tool to dissect the various themes and characters of his work? An interesting aspect about Dickens and his start is that his story isn't the typical rags-to-riches type. When a young boy, his family wasn't rich but well off enough to prevent young Charles from worrying about where he would find the next few shillings required to support his family.

Riddle of the Great White Shark

When I was in Vietnam, 1971, in Cam Ranh Bay, I spent sometime along the shores of the South China Sea. I met old man, one evening; I was but twenty-three years old he was in a nearby village that the South Vietnamese and North Vietcong used, the South by day, and the North by night. I had drank in the village before, even though it was off limits simply because of this, and if I'd get too drunk, I'd stay the night, and in the mornings I'd jump over the fence, and run back to my company. It was several miles always, but I had good lungs. Well, this one even an old man perhaps seventy or more sat in an open aired hut, there were other folks there, but I was the only US Soldier present.

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