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How Can The Tarot Benefit You?

If you've been wondering about the benefits of reading the Tarot, then this article is a good start for you. We'll discuss what the Tarot is, where it came from, and how you should go about reading and interpreting the Tarot. The result should be an understanding of what the Tarot can do for you, and the benefits you'll discover. So what exactly is the Tarot? The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards, each depicting a picture that can be interpreted by the reader in many different ways. You usually shuffle the cards, and depending on the style of the layout you wish to form, you draw a certain number of cards. Each card by itself can tell a story, but mostly together they form a more coherent whole, which is then used to give you insight into your query and the possible outcome if you choose a certain path or action to follow.

Clubs In Cartomancy - Tarot Reading With The Suit Of Wealth And Success

Cartmonancy is the art of using normal playing cards in divination. The Clubs suit is considered the channel of wealth and success in a reading. Learn the various meanings of the various Club cards in a client's reading. Tarot Cards and Cartomancy Just as modern playing cards developed from the tarot deck, so too did Cartomancy develop from Tarot reading. When the simpler to produce playing card deck became a common household item, a system of reading the cards for divination was derived. This oral tradition was passed down for decades until it was published by various sources. The meanings shown here are the ones most generally known in current sources. Remember, two main things make cartomancy simpler to read than the tarot;

Astrology's Pisces Lucky Days - Swimming With Good Fortune

If you were born in between February 20th and March 20th, your Astrology sun sign is Pisces the Fish. As a Pisces, you are likely to know your basic Horoscope; but you may not know that several days each month are lucky for you just because of your sun sign. Learn when these days fall, and which specific hours of each day are extra lucky for you as a Pisces. Lucky Moon days for Pisces For each sign of the Zodiac, individuals will have a particular phase of the Moon which brings them extra good fortune. As a Pisces, how far your birth day falls within the span of days for your sun sign corresponds to how old the moon will be when your luck time occurs. For example, if you were born between February 20th and February 26th, you will have extra good fortune during the days of the new moon.

Diamonds In Cartomancy - Tarot Reading With The Suit Of Work And The World

Cartomancy uses a normal deck of playing cards to perform divination. Diamonds as a suit foretell outside influences from the World around you in a reading. Know the meanings of the various Diamond cards in a person's reading. Cartomancy from Tarot When the modern deck of playing cards evolved from the tarot, readers of the cards developed a system of divination to match. Taken from the Tarot, these meanings for the cards, and their relationships for each other were passed down as an oral tradition for many years. Later, when the printing press was developed, these traditions were recorded and published in various sources. The most common meanings for the cards are the ones shown below.

Failure Of Marriage - Role Of Planets

Everybody wants to enjoy a happy conjugal life as prosperity, without exception. Even though one may remain unmarried for the whole life, he or she thinks of the happiness of conjugal life and his or her material or professional success. And actually everybody runs after these. But man proposes but God disposes. Saints like Varaha, Khana, Gaafar, and the like were born to enrich the divine science of astrology. What Cheiro, Benham and other have contributed are invaluable to the world. These exceptional creatures of God including Dr. B. V. Raman, N. C. Lahiri, and lot of other are interested in each and every aspect of astrology and foretelling including the two particular events or aspects human beings that are central to the present article, i.

Astrology's Aquarius Lucky Days - When Good Fortune Flows For You

If your birth date falls between January 21st and February 19th, you were born under the Astrology sign of Aquarius the Water Bearer. People born under this sign tend to know their basic Horoscope. But most of them don't know that certain days of every month are extra lucky for them just because they were born an Aquarius. Read on and learn when these days are, and how you can know which hours each day are luckiest for you. The Water Bearer and the Moon If you were born under Aquarius, one particular phase of the Moon will bring you extra good fortune. This period corresponds with how far into the Aquarius date range you were born. For example, if you were born between January 21st and January 28th, you will be more fortunate during the days of the new Moon.

Horoscope Gossip

Gemini is never at a loss for words. Gemini never lies, he or she just stretches the truth, likes to exaggerate the circumstances and tell a good story. What fun is life without a little hyperbole? No one enjoys a boring story. Speaking of the mundane, folks born under the sign of Gemini do get bored easily; he or she requires much stimulus. Nothing burns their enthusiasm quicker than the "ordinary". Gemini has restless feet and needs to be on the move. Any mode of transportation, including a pair of sneakers will suit Gemini well. Gemini gravitates to profession that requires communication and much energy. Excellent with people Gemini can talk the talk, and sell anything.

Astrology is Mystical

As the time has elapsed, there has been more and more pressure to cope up with the adverse situation that might arrive in every ones life. There are a lot of incidents in a man's life that would look like a bolt from blue. So, when it is unexpected, it ought to cause more problems. That is one of the reason as the majority of people are shifting to the idea of knowing as what are the circumstance which are about to happen? Well, the idea may seem weird but Astrology is certainly helping people out. Astrology refers to the methods that are devised by the ancient people, although, there have been some changes that are the contribution of modern world, but still, basics are in tact.

Astrology Is Extensive, So, Blunders Are Bound To Happen

How many of you are interested to get a glimpse of your future? There might be every one of you, yelling and screaming that you want to go first. That's a unanimously agreed fact that all of the humans are curious to see beyond boundaries. Everything that is hidden is sweet for them to make it unrobed. Perhaps that is one of the reasons that Astrology and other such arts are fast becoming popular among the people from all backgrounds and nationalities. But can astrology really take you to your future? Well, when you will meet some of the trained and skilled astrologer, you will be compelled to believe that it works. However, most of the people are of the view that palmistry itself is not something that can make every one to look into the future, but it is actually the proficiency of the practitioner and the astrologer who can derive certain results.

Inner Views - Intuitive Horoscopes May 18-24, 2008

May 18 through May 24, 2008 Aries (March 21-April 19) Positive energy brings more positive energy. Surround yourself with others positive thinkers and you will achieve your best this week. Taurus (April 20-May 20) You've been asking and the universe has been listening. The things you have been waiting for will be coming your way soon. Patience is the key and keep a look out. Gemini (May 21-June 21) Although your life seems to be up in the air, you have someone around you who helps keep you grounded. Let this person know just how much you appreciate them for all they do for you. Cancer (June 22-July 22) This week you see who your true friends really are. Those you thought you could count on for anything may just be the ones who aren't there when you need them the most.

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