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Chronic Pain In Your Back - Is Therapeutic Massage a Magic Cure for Chronic Back Pain?

Could be.

Some of the causes for your back pain are internal, meaning there are reasons inside your structure that can cause the pain in your back. These reasons include leg or hip bones that actually have different measurements on each side. Or, the muscles that run from your thigh bones and hip bones to your spine have become tight. These muscles then pull on your back from inside.

There are also external causes for backaches and pain. These outside causes usually include poor posture, both sitting and standing. They might also include carrying a heavy bag or purse or carrying your wallet in your back pocket. (How simple is that to correct?!)

Poor posture puts a great deal of strain on the muscles of your back. and is a primary cause for chronic back pain.

Chronic muscular pain starts out involving just the muscles in a certain area. Soon, your whole body gets into the act because all the muscles act together as a unit. While we have individual muscles, for sure, each one acts and reacts with its' neighbors. Eventually your whole body can experience pain which started in just one area.

Here's an example. You injure your low back in a fall. Several months later, your neck also starts to hurt. Pain has moved through your muscular system.

A chain reaction is occurring.

So, where does massage therapy come into play for treating chronic back pain?

When massage stops the chain reaction, it can reduce or eliminate chronic pain in your back.

Sometimes it is appropriate for a massage therapist to work only on your back muscles. But with chronic pain, the massage practitioner needs to look for and treat the muscles or situations that are the cause of your pain.

"Regular massage" or relaxation massage may feel pleasant for an hour, but probably won't make any difference for chronic back pain. You most likely need something deeper and more specific to your problem area(s.)

Often the muscles causing your pain are not the ones you would expect. Interestingly, your abdomen is the "front of your back" and has muscles that are often the primary cause of chronic back pain.


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