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Occasion Glance at Reveals An Aggrandizement In Cd Heighth And A Abbreviate In Bigness Of Disc Herniation After Treatment With The DRX9000 TM

The DRX9000 Authentic Non-surgical Spinal Decompression System™ was developed to arrange a non-invasive possibility for discogenic low back pain. Researchers of a dispute announcement published in Tome 2 Controversy 1 of the European Musculoskeletal Review state, "Evidence-based info that display the promising item of DRX9000 on the defended and convincing treatment of LBP [low back pain] linger to accumulate." The report titled, "Management of Low-Back Hurt with a Non-surgical Decompression Development (DRX9000™) - Instance Report" reveals the pre- and post-treatment MRI findings of a 69-year decrepit human race with low back pain. Prior to treatment with the DRX9000, the patient reported experiencing low back malaise radiating into both legs. When asked to define his misery intensity on a scale of 0-10, the patient rated his martyrdom intensity at 10. The patient underwent 22 treatments over a seven-week period. Utilizing the equivalent despondency intensity scale the patient reported a sadness constant of 1 post-treatment. Four months after the initial visit, a result up MRI revealed decreased herniation amount and increased disc height at multiple lumbar levels. The authors conclude, "This example report also builds on preceding findings that include demonstrated improvements in disc morphology after treatment with the DRX9000."
Axiom Worldwide manufactures and distributes its flagship products, the DRX9000 Right Non-surgical Spinal Decompression System™, DRX9000C™, and DRX9500™ in medical markets on all sides of the globe. Axiom further manufactures a digital electroceutical device, the EPS8000™, for employ in relieving affliction and for bag in muscular rehabilitation. Axiom prides itself on providing safe, non-surgical alternatives that patients should acknowledge prior to undergoing surgery.


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