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Destitute Treatment For Conventional Vertebral Compression Fractures

The support and treatment inclined to patients with vertebral compression fractures is not satisfactory. A thesis presented at the Sahlgrenska School shows that the majority of patients much hog severe distress one year after the fracture.
Vertebral compression fracture describes the urgent well-balanced of a vertebra in the backbone such that its heighth is decreased. Encircling 15,000 patients suffer from vertebral compression fractures in Sweden everyone year, most of these caused by osteoporosis. The fracture that arises is treated with analgesics, and the patients are advised approximately exercise.
The patients are told that the prognosis is crack and that most body politic buy higher quality after a sporadic months, on the contrary no-one has indeed investigated the prognosis and direction of such acute compression fractures, says Professor Tommy Hansson who was supervisor for the thesis.
The author of the thesis, check undergraduate Nobuyi Suzuki, returned to Japan these days after the disputation.
The thesis shows that naked truth is absolutely deviating for patients with vertebral compression. The announce followed 107 men and women in Gothenburg for one year after they had been admitted to infirmary with a vertebral compression fracture. Once the initial extension of acute agony had passed, the patients' case improved somewhat, however lousy with thereupon deteriorated. Over two thirds had biting malaise or also deep despondency one year after the injury. This measure of heartache is fully analogous with that experienced by patients with lumbar cd herniation instantly before undergoing surgery.
The thesis shows clearly that the treatment and relieve that is accustomed to patients with an acute vertebral compression fracture is far from satisfactory. We must prosper latest methods for investigating and treating these patients, says Tommy Hansson.
Osteoporosis causes a contraction in the vigour of the skeleton forging it even easier for a subject with osteoporosis to suffer from fractures. The most habitual fractures arise in the vertebrae, hip and wrist. Osteoporosis is amassed than twice as characteristic in women than it is in men, and a middle-aged woman has a 50% risk of suffering a fracture caused by osteoporosis in her remaining years.
The thesis has been presented for the degree of Physician of Philosophy (Medicine) at the Sahlgrenska Academy, Institution of Clinical Sciences, Branch of Orthopaedics.
Fame of the thesis: The acute osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture. Its everyday trail and characteristics.
The thesis has been successfully defended.
Elin Lindstrom Claessen
University of Gothenburg


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