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What Are The Risks, Dangers and Complications of Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing is a technique to remove skin discoloration, scars, pigmentation and wrinkles to give the patient a new perfect face whose skin is free from any blemishes. The treatment consists of using lasers, which treat the skin's deepest part, by removing the top layer and giving birth to a new one, which will be free from blemishes, wrinkles and lines.

Lasers are commonly used now and carbon dioxide lasers are popular for skin treatment as it prevents too much heat from going into the skin. The procedure is done under local anesthesia but the patient will need help to drive back after the procedure. Also the patient will have to visit the doctor and the hospital once every day for a few days till the doctor is satisfied that the treatment is satisfactory and no complications will take place.

Actually, there are very few complications in this type of treatment and they are rare. When they occur they may be in the form of skin discoloration, burning, or scarring. In very rare cases the dormant viruses or infections may surface and get triggered. This treatment may rejuvenate the skin but it does not stop fresh wrinkles, or discoloration or other imperfections from reappearing during the patient's lifetime. The laser skin resurfacing also does not stop the ageing process.

Sometimes small bumps called milia may appear during the healing period after the laser treatment in that area. These can be removed with a gentle cleanser using a washcloth. There could be hyper pigmentation (increased pigmentation) or very rarely hypo pigmentation (decreased pigmentation). The excess pigmentation can be treated with a bleaching cream to speed fading of the pigment.

Some cold sore may reappear around the mouth and this can be treated with an antiviral medication before and after the treatment. If bacterial infections are feared, then antibiotics can be taken before and after the treatment. Sometimes there can be some swelling, which can be corrected by taking steroids. Patients are also advised to sleep with extra pillows so that there is no swelling. If swelling does occur, then ice packs can help control it. Very rarely scarring may occur in the laser treated area. Smoking is prohibited before, during and after the treatment as it may have harmful effects on the healing process.

Patients should choose their doctor with care. This is to ensure that none of the risks or the problems mentioned above arises after the treatment. This procedure removes wrinkles and lines, scars and gives the patient a blemish free skin if everything goes right and if the patient follows the doctor's instructions properly.


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