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How Long Does Laser Skin Resurfacing Take?

Laser skin resurfacing is a specialized technique, which can be done on an outpatient basis. If only a small part of the skin on the face has to be resurfaced then it may take just about half an hour. This is if only wrinkles around the eyes, or wrinkles around the mouth or some specific area has to be treated. If the whole face has to be treated it may take about an hour and a half. Older people may need resurfacing on the whole face while the younger ones may want just some areas to be resurfaced.

First and foremost an experienced doctor has to be found. He should have performed several such cases before and he should be asked to show the before and after pictures of the treatment. If the patient is fully satisfied then they can go ahead. The doctor should fully explain the whole procedure to the patient so that he or she is fully aware of what is going to happen. The patient should ask questions and fully satisfy herself.

The treatment needs local anesthesia, which can be combined with an intravenous drip if the doctor feels that this is needed. The laser resurfacing skin treatment can be done if face lifts or other methods have not shown proper results. The laser acts by treating each layer of the skin. After the treatment, the doctor will cover the wound with sterile gauze. This can be changed often. The face can be washed three or four times a day if the doctor permits. The face has to be kept moist with mild vinegar solution or saline. Scabs may be formed a few days after the treatment. The old skin will peel off and fresh new skin will be formed. This new skin may be pink or reddish in color, the color being more prominent if the patient is a blonde or a redhead.

After a few days this skin can be camouflaged by make up. The skin should not be exposed to direct sunlight after the treatment for a few days. Sunscreen lotions should be used to protect the skin. The patient feels as if she has a bad case of sunstroke on her face. This will slowly die down after a few days. This treatment is not suitable for stretch marks. Nor should it be done if the patient has active acne or if the color of the skin is very dark.


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