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So You Want Hair Extensions?

It can easily be said that hair extensions are quickly becoming a part of everyday hairdressing and they are certainly not just limited to the celebrities anymore. This is in fact very lucky for us as hair extensions mean that you are no longer limited with an existing style and you can continually change your style as extensions give you the option of adding not only length but volume, colour and texture too as well as giving you instant natural looking curls.

They are now available in pretty much any colour or texture that you could ever want or need. They will dramatically transform your look within hours and as they are available in such a wide range of colours, meaning matching your hair extensions to your natural hair colour has never been easier.

As long as your hair extensions are attached correctly they will last up to six months at a time. This is of course under the condition that they are attached by a professional and that you follow the correct aftercare procedures. If you attempt to attach the extensions yourself you are running the risk of damaging your natural hair. If you follow the correct aftercare your bonds will stay attached for longer, meaning your extensions will last at least six months before the bonds start to loosen and fall out.

So as mentioned just the aftercare of your extensions is highly important so what does this aftercare involve? Well you are able to treat your extensions in exactly the same way that you would treat your natural hair; you are able to blow dry them, straighten them and curl them. You can also wash and condition them in the same way and the same amount of time as you would to your natural hair; however you may have to do this using special shampoo and conditioners from your stylist, if you are using normal shampoo and conditioners then it is advised that you use a mild shampoo and a strong conditioner to help keep the extensions in good condition and also to help stop them from tangling. You should not use shampoos or conditioners the contain oils or fruits oils such as wheatgerm or citrus as using shampoos that contain these ingredients could result in damage to your extension bonds.

When it comes to rinsing shampoo and conditioner from your hair it is important that you rinse the hair for a few extra seconds. The reason that this is advised is because as you will have extra volume in your hair from the extensions it may take a little longer for you to rinse out all of the extra hair. It should also be noted that you should never sleep with wet or damp hair as this could affect the bonds and may cause the hair to tangle whilst you are sleeping.

Once the life of your extensions has come to an end please do not attempt to remove the extensions yourself as this could have a serious affect on the condition of your natural hair. Always make sure that you get your stylist to remove the extensions for you.


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