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What Risks Are Associated With Botox Injections?

Botox injections are very safe. They are used in medicinal and beautification processes. There are hardly any risks in using them. Still it is necessary for a doctor to tell his patients what the possible risks are and what their could be even though these are infinitesimal cases. There have not been any serious cases of infection or pain or any sort of reaction to this procedure so far.

The FDA recently said that whatever bad side effects that botox had, were in cases where it was used in spastic children and adults associated with cerebral palsy. There are very few risks and possible complications that can happen. But they have to be taken into consideration. Every case is different. Even if ninety-nine people have responded well to this injection and have had no side effects whatsoever, still one has to consider the hundredth person. In cosmetic use, if botox injection is administered too close to the upper eyelid then there is the risk of a temporary eyelid droop. It may improve in a few months but even then it is a serious thing.

There is a very minute risk of an allergic reaction to botox. But the doctor and the patient must take it into consideration. Also if the patient is pregnant and wants to undergo this procedure it is wise to wait till the pregnancy is over and the delivery done, and to complete the lactating process before this injection is administered. There has been no known case of botox being risky or causing problems to the pregnant mother or her unborn child, but it still wiser to wait before undergoing this treatment. One should not take any chances.

Also one must not take this injection if there is any infection at the proposed site of the injection. If the patient has any doubts about the possible risks and complications in using Botox, he should consult the doctor or the surgeon and discus the matter thoroughly and satisfy himself that it is really very safe, before undergoing it.

There are some people who criticize the procedure as it is not a natural phenomena and that growing old is a natural phenomena which should not be tampered using medicines. Such people are in a minority.


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