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What Do You Mean I Need a Foundation For My Foundation?

For the longest time I thought that all I needed in regards to foundation is that it blended in with my skin tone. One of the things that you want to do before you apply anything to your face is to apply a moisturizer and let it dry. By doing this you are not only hydrating your face but you are also helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving over clarity and the tone of your skin. It also would not hurt now that summer is here to apply something that contains at least an SPF of 20.

In the ladder part of my teen years I noticed redness coming up on my cheeks. I really didn't put to much thought into it then because it was not horrible and I really didn't have to put a lot of money into blush as it looked like I had rosey cheeks.

Well I now know that the "rosey" cheeks were just the start of what is now Broken Capillaries all over my cheeks. I do not have the money to go and have laser surgery to correct them or treat them if you will. I do what I can do to hide what one website refers to as my "ugly imperfections" commonly caused by "excessive alcohol consumption". Now before I get to the actual tips I do want to say that I myself do not consider broken capillaries as ugly and I do believe that people have them due to hereditary factors. While I am convinced that they can be caused by alcohol abuse that is not the cause of mine as I had them at such a young age and I want people to understand that just because people have Broken Capillaries it does not mean they have an issue with alcoholism.

So what do you do if you are like me and have some skin discolorations? How do we tone down some of the red, yellow and blue undertones? One of the things I have been doing that has made a difference is I started using a Color Primer before applying my foundation (remember this is not going to cure Broken Capillaries just hide them). It really has made a big difference in how my foundation looks and makes it appear that I have a more even skin tone. There generally 4 different types of primers you can get. 3 of them are usually targeted at common skin discolorations. Colored primers are applied only to the places where you experience discoloration.

Here are the colors that are usually available and what the colors do:

Yellow: For those who have dark circles under their eyes and for blue undertones

Green: This helps even out redness

Mauve: For the yellow undertones

Natural: This one is clear, and contributes to a flawless look. This is applied all over your face and helps to keep your make stay in place

So there you have it, primer is the foundation for your foundation that gives you a softer look and a more even skin tone.


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