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Finding a Cure - Laser Treatment of Spider Veins

To remove unwanted vein dysfunction from areas such as the legs, many patients are finding that newly developed treatment options are available to help heal and eradicate pain and unsightly veins. Most patients are surprised to know that venous health disorders have rather simple and minimally invasive treatment options.

Locating a vein clinic which offers laser treatment of spider veins is rather simple these days, as vein doctors have welcomed the latest medical technology into their practices to help appease the growing demand for less invasive treatments. Since veins do lie under the skin, vein doctors must address finding a way to get at the vein from the outside, or risk invasive procedures. There are new options which allow for a simple injection into the vein, by the use of a special light which locates the vein moving beneath the skin and thus allows the doctor clear access to the vein. The injection causes the vein to close off and undergo what is called fibrosis.

This leads to the vein shutting down and the body then absorbs it with time. With laser treatment of spider veins, the same dissolution occurs with the vein, but no injections are necessary other than perhaps a numbing agent if the patient decides on that. There are different kinds of lasers and some do require a small incision to target the vein, but there others which only require that the vein doctor locate the vein outside of the skin. The lasers heat up the vein from outside the skin and transmit energy which causes the vein to heat up and the blood to coagulate. The blood is then absorbed by the body in time.

This treatment is minimally invasive and can usually be performed in less than an hour and allows the patient to get back to their everyday lives in very minimal time. The treatment is growing in popularity for a number of reasons. Laser treatment of spider veins involves the use of laser technology which has seen an upsurge in medical use over the past ten or more years. Lasers offer a powerful way to do many various things externally rather than the use of more invasive procedures which involve injections and incisions. Most patients are thrilled to know that they can have their veins treated without difficult discomfort or healing times.

In fact, the treatment is so simple that it is a shame that most patients don't seek it out since it is widely available. Many face vein dysfunction at some point in their lives and this can be attributed to a number of things, but the laser treatment of spider veins is one great way to help regain the confidence to show your skin during warmer seasons. This is a great advantage for those who have resisted vein treatment for some time, since the advent of new technology allows many to see healthier and clearer skin in little time. Since most vein treatments are considered cosmetic by major health insurance providers, patients should definitely seek out the costs and understand what their financial commitment would be.


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