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Celebrity Beauty Secrets III

So now you know how to clear up the occasional bout of adult acne, prevent fine lines and wrinkles (or at least try), and use makeup to hide imperfections (see Celebrity Beauty Secrets Part I and II). Now what about the rest of you? With warm weather knocking at our formerly frost-bitten doors, a girl has got to look golden. Say goodbye to pasty skin, lifeless hair and those extra winter pounds with these celebrity beauty secrets. The Perfect Tan So what do Jessica Alba, Britney Spears, Paris and Nikki Hilton, and Nicole Richie have in common? Yes they're all famous and they're never seen without a perfect tan (hey, you still should look good in your mug shot or psych ward intake photo right?

Vitamins That Will Nourish Your Hair

Shampoos today never fail to advertise vitamins in their products. They claim that vitamins will make your hair "shiny and healthy" much like they can do to skin. But the truth is that vitamins are important to the hair, not to promote "health" but to promote growth. When going for such products, it does take two to three months before your head can manifest a radiant crown of hair. That's why shampoo companies also advertise regularity and this is not just for them to earn big bucks but for your own benefit too. Some shampoos specializing in hair growth have carefully measured amounts of vitamins in their products. If you have hair loss problems, these are the vitamins you should check for in hair growth shampoo bottles the next time you're in the supermarket.

Protect Your Hair From Heating Damage

Were you worried that your hair would be damaged by hair straightener in daily life? My friend Jessica got a Sedu Revolution hair straightener. She has a straight, fine hair. She uses her hair straightener to go over the hair quickly because her hair looks "puffy" after blowdrying, and she likes this sleek, straight look very much. So she asked me if she is doing a ton of damage to her hair with this method 3-4 times per week? Let's talk about the resolvent! The most recommended one is to put a Heat protectant in her hair. It was by Aveeda. It's smoother. This is the best way to protect your hair from heat damage, not to use a hair straightener at all. But if you absolutely must, do a biolustre treatment on your hair about once a month to keep it from being damaged as badly.

Pectoral Implant Risks, Dangers, Complications

Just like any other surgical procedure, whether it is a cosmetic surgery or even a heart transplant, there is always a list of potential risks associated with the surgical procedure. There is no difference when it comes to risks associated with a pectoral implant surgery. Any person who has decided to undergo the procedure must know and understand these potential risks prior to undergoing the procedure. As a matter of fact, the surgeon who will be performing the procedure will even go over them with you in greater detail during your consultation. Fortunately for men, but unfortunate for women, the surgery caries a completely separate set of risks as compared to a breast augmentation and there are several reasons for this.

Beauty Tips For a Natural Summer Glow

With summer just around the corner, everyone wants to achieve that natural summer glow. Despite the warnings that the sun (and tanning beds) cause pre-mature aging and even skin cancer, they are still as hot as ever. Have no fear, whether you r tan comes from the sun or from a bottle, you can create a very natural glow that will last all day and won't require extensive maintenance. It is important when using a sunless tanner that you properly prep your skin. I recommend using a gentle scrub to buff away dead skin cells. This will help your tan develop evenly. In addition to this, you can use an over-the counter glycolic acid peel every other day. You will want to apply your regular moisturizer next.

Why You Should Buy Guaifenesin

What Is Nonprescription Guaifenesin (And What Can It Do For You?) If you suffer from fibromyalgia, it is possible that nonprescription Guaifenesin is part of the antidote for what ails you. People who are afflicted by this condition, which in former times was known as "muscular rheumatism, " have often found relief with therapy using guaifenesin for fibromyalgia; the analgesic effects of nonprescription Guaifenesin are well documented and the substance itself is widely available. About Guaifensen and Fibromyalgia Chances are good that if you've ever taken cough medicine, you've already experienced one of the benefits of nonprescription Guaifenesin - which incidentally, is pronounced "GWYE-feh-nuh-sin" - as it is commonly used as an expectorant.

Supplementing With Biotin To Promote Hair And Nail Health

Biotin supplements may improve thin, splitting, or brittle toe and fingernails as well as improve hair health. Preliminary evidence from a small controlled study suggests that biotin may increase the thickness of brittle nails, reduce their tendency to split, and improve their microscopic structure Animal studies suggest that biotin supplementation can be helpful for deformed hooves in horses and pigs. Since animal hooves are made of keratin, the same substance from which human nails are made, these findings have encouraged researchers to study the effects of biotin on brittle nails in humans. Biotin has also been used to combat alopecia (partial or complete loss of hair) in both children and adults What is biotin Vitamin H, more commonly known as biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin that plays an important role in metabolizing the energy we get from food.

What is Cheek Augmentation?

So what exactly is cheek augmentation? It is a cosmetic surgery procedure which is done to highlight the cheekbones in an individual's face by making them more pronounced. High cheekbones are considered to be an attractive and desirable trait in today's day and age, and many men and women look to cheek implants to achieve this look. What happens during cheek augmentation surgery? In a nutshell, the surgeon makes an incision in the upper part of the mouth near the upper gum line and slips the implants into place. Cheek augmentation can also be done through the use of an external incision in the area of the eye, but procedures done in this manner often lead to visible scarring.

How To Make Homemade Body Splashes

Body splashes can stimulate, tone, uplift or relax the body depending on the mixtures that you use. They are invigorating sprays or slap-on water based lotions with a lot of different uses. Body splashes are fun and really easy to make. Body splashes smell great and they can make nice gifts for friends and family on special holidays or for just when ever you want to share something nice with the ones you love for no special reason other than because you care about them. When you are mixing and storing these body splashes you can use old spray bottles from products you have brought and used they will work great or if you want to buy new bottles you can pick them up at all most any drug store or pharmacy for very little cost.

Beauty Tips For Those Hot Summer Months

Summer is a great time of year. It is great for relaxation and recreation. Here are a few tips to help you keep yourself looking as good as you feel during these hot months. Hair Care If you spend lots of time outside and want to try something a little different and inexpensive in your hair, try combing a little lemon juice through your hair before you go out. ( NOTE: If you have previously dyed hair, this is not recommended as it may cause an adverse reaction.) Be sure to condition your hair at least once a week. The heat of the sun and swimming can dry out your hair. You can also use spray in conditioner that you leave in for the day. Skin-care Tips If you are cautious about the sun and your skin - which we all should be!

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