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Build Muscle - 5 Tips For a Better Squat

In order to build muscle, you need to be performing the squat. If you aren't, you are not going to get the results you could be from your weight lifting program.

That said, not everyone's squat is created equally. If you are not using the correct technique when you perform your squat, you will find that it's not nearly as beneficial for you as it could be.

The following are five things you must concentrate on while doing your squats to ensure you maximize your ability to build muscle.

Keep Your Head Looking Forward

This is potentially the number one mistake that people make. Think about yourself doing a squat right now. What do you see? The floor? If so, this could cause big problems down the road.

When you're looking down at the floor you're going to place a great deal more stress on the neck and shoulder muscles, which will then also move down towards the lower back.

Not only will this decrease the amount of weight you're able to lift, but it could also mean serious back pain after a few months of doing it this way.

Not Going Low Enough

Just like you wouldn't only take your bench press halfway down to your chest, you shouldn't short-circuit your squat either.

A true squat - a squat that is designed to help you build muscle, goes all the way to the ground. Getting into that extreme lower position is what will really cause those glute muscles to fire, which is the top way to build up your leg strength and release testosterone.

The only exception to this may be those who suffer from knee pain. In their case, they may want to avoid going all the way down just so they can avoid any issues from occurring.

Leaning Too Far Forward

While you do want to have a slight forward bend as this will help keep you balanced, if you are leaning too far forward you'll also set yourself up to experience back pain. Further, this will take some of the weight off the legs - where it should be, and place it on the back muscles.

Since you are only wanting to target the legs during a squat, this is not what you want to be doing.

Going Too Fast

Tempo is very important in the squat position as it's what helps to ensure all the muscle fibers get recruited, including those deep within the muscle belly.

Try and use a 3/1/2-3 tempo. This means you will take three seconds to lower, pause for one second at the bottom (this will really increase the difficulty), and then rise up again to the starting position using another 2-3 seconds.

The shorter the time duration that you rise back up the greater you'll be working on your ability to generate power rather than sheer strength.

Not Performing Squats First

Finally, the last mistake that's often made regarding squats is not doing them very first thing in your workout when you are going to be most fresh.

Since this exercise is so incredibly demanding on the body, you do not want to be at all depleted going into it. It really is going to be the exercise that will maximize your testosterone release so you really want to get everything you can from it.

Regardless of how many body parts you are working during the session, ensure that your squats come first.

So, keep these five points in mind next time you find yourself at the gym performing squats. And if you aren't at the gym performing squats, I think we just found out why you are not growing as much as you'd like!


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