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Strength Training Workouts Are Much Better Than Traditional Aerobics

If you are busy and are looking for effective workouts to exercise your heart and burn some body fat, then when it comes to aerobics these days, you must heed the advice of Elmer Fudd: be veeewy, veeewy ceeehful. It isn't that I'm a hater of aerobics or cardio training... I just really don't like wasting time on ineffective exercises and workouts. And I'm the guy putting toothpaste on his toast to save time! But if you want to get lean and sculpt your body... cardio exercises is probably not the answer. And for most people... that statement would be considered "sacrilegious" because EVERYBODY says you MUST do cardio to burn fat. Hogwash! If everyone jumps off the bridge.

Build Muscle - Time Under Tension, Muscle Building and Your Weight Gain Plan

While there are many, many people out there on bodybuilding programs in their quest to see a good weight gain, one thing many don't consider is time under tension. In the bodybuilding world, there are many ways in which you can go about adding muscle to your frame and one program is not necessarily going to be completely better than another, but there are some principles that generally determine how much muscle you are able to build - time under tension being one of them. What Is Time Under Tension? Time under tension can basically be described as how long a single muscle fiber is subjected to an overloading stress. For example, if you perform three sets of bicep curls consisting of 8 reps each and you are using a 2 seconds up, 2 seconds down protocol, your total time under tension would be: 3 X 8 X 4 (two seconds up + 2 seconds down) = 96 seconds.

Build Muscle - Why You Need to Eat Fat to Build Muscle

In their quest to make sure when they do build muscle it's all lean, many bodybuilders adapt a somewhat 'fat phobic' state of mind. They think that if they eat lower fat foods, they should have an easier time staying lean. Let's face it, after you spend months trying to build muscle, the last thing you want to do is turn around and have to spend another couple of months losing the fat you've gained along the way. Building muscle does take a surplus of calories however, if you do hope to achieve any type of noticeable gains. What you need to realize is that it is going to be how much extra calories you eat that determines whether or not you gain fat, not where these calories are specifically coming from.

Build Muscle - Six Super Foods to Help You Build Muscle

If you are currently looking to build muscle, it is without a doubt going to make a difference what types of foods you eat. If you think you can gain pounds of muscle to your frame with a diet consisting of egg whites, vegetables, oatmeal, and fish oil caps, you are strongly mistaken. While that may work great for those who are looking to lose fat mass, as far as muscle building is concerned, you will need a different protocol. Focusing on foods that are higher in calories and aren't entirely 'clean', is usually the best way to go if you want to experience noticeable results in a shorter time frame. The reason I say not to eat entirely clean food is because it can get hard to pack in the calories necessary for weight gain if you only eat these types of foods.

Building Muscles the Fast Way

The goal of bodybuilders is to develop their muscles into their ideal size the fast way. There are many different tips and methods of growing muscles. Although, a combination of diet and exercise is sure to develop big muscles, this is not the fastest way. Supplementation is necessary to allow the muscles to grow at a faster rate. This is where anabolic steroids and synthetic supplements enter the equation. In spite of their ability to build muscles fast, these supplements and additives are dangerous for your health. It is not only caution that needs to be exercised here but also common sense. If you love your body enough to make it healthy and string, why would you use illegal drugs and supplements to sabotage it eventually?

Build Muscle - Do You Need to Eat 'Clean' to Build Muscle

You already know what it takes to build muscle - more calories! It is impossible for the body to build muscle unless you are feeding it the raw ingredients necessary to assimilate new muscle tissue. Just as you would expect to build a house without bricks, you cannot expect to build muscle without food. Now, with this point, many of those looking to build muscle get stuck in the frame of mind that all the food they need to eat must be absolutely 'clean'. By clean, we mean as healthy as physically possible. Sweetened cereal? - NO WAY! Hamburgers that have more than 20 grams of fat - NEVER! They may even opt to go with skim milk rather than 1% or 2% in order to prevent the accumulation of body fat.

Overall Workouts For the Body

Many bodybuilders like to save time and concentrate on workouts that are of use for the entire body instead of on specific groups of muscles. Overall body workouts may be necessary to bring one's body to proportion instead of having some parts too small and some too big. Training one group of muscles at a time (per day) can also lead to over training since you only concentrate on one group per session. The concept of a total bodybuilding workout has appealed to many bodybuilders since this can help maintain their body's proportion and also keep them from overdoing certain body parts. This concept is actually ideal and is based a lot on common sense. One may wonder how to train most of your body parts in just a single session.

Safety During Bodybuilding Workouts

Bodybuilding is a relatively safe sport wherein the athlete or bodybuilder is contained in a room with gym equipment. There are no dangerous factors that are present in outdoor sports in the room or area. In spite of this, there are also some dangers that one has to be careful with during bodybuilding workouts. Getting injured can cause you to lose precious muscles and training time that you have spent on your body. This is because doctors will usually recommend not moving the muscles in the area affected by your injury. This recommendation will affect the development of further muscles since training is needed for the muscles to develop more. Depending on what type of injury you have, you can easily go back to your bodybuilding training or program as soon as you have properly rehabilitated yourself or recovered from the injury.

Why You Should Avoid Steroids in Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is a sport in which large muscles in proportion to one's body is very much appreciated. The athletes who enter this sport usually prefer to maintain their muscles with the help of dietary supplements. Exercise and the right training program also helps in building muscles and maintaining their appearance. There is actually nothing wrong in using the right kind of dietary supplements but some athletes may find the need to use steroids in achieving their goal. Anabolic steroids are actually chemically produced or a synthetic version of testosterone. This synthetic version of the hormone testosterone can have a variety of positive and negative effects.

Food to Gain Weight

Carbohydrates. To effectively gain weight to build muscle you need to be eating carbohydrates. If you are not eating enough carbohydrates your body will start converting the protein you eat into carbs. This process is called gluconeogenisis, and I would not recommend letting this happen. Carbohydrates are an essential food to gain weight, because they provide you with energy. When you eat excess carbohydrates your body starts to store this energy - giving you weight gain. There are three different types of carbohydrates: 1.Sugars Found in soft drink, confectionery and white bread these simple carbohydrates should be avoided, as they provide no real long term benefit to the weight gainer.

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