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Accounting [53]

How Does My DSO Affect Cash Flow and Working Capital?

Most business owners and financial managers know the importance of their investment in accounts receivable. The method by which the largest corporations in the world, and a small company measure collection activity, is called DSO, or 'Collection Period'. DSO stands for DAILY SALES OUTSTANDING. Business owners can calculate this number very quickly, and we recommend it be done regularly, typically monthly, quarterly, and certainly annually. It's a great business measurement of your success, and lenders also focus in on this number also. How is the DSO calculated? It's an easy calculation, as follows: Accounts receivable / average daily credit sales The answer is expressed in days - e.

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Payroll Tax Software - The Key to Keeping the IRS Off Your Back

Almost everybody has to pay taxes. People pay taxes to their government because they need that money to run the country as well as the government itself. The people who pay taxes especially those who work, have a business or have their own company have to have a way of managing them. One of the most tiring jobs is making a payroll for you should not have errors when you make it, it should be accurate and you should finish it on time so your employees can get their pay with no delays. One of the processes in making the payroll is the deduction of the necessary taxes that is needed to be deducted on the employees' salary. This tax is automatically deducted from their salary.

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Advertising [59]

Growth of UK Online Advertising During Recession

UK Internet advertising market is proving to be unaffected by recession. Internet advertising overcame recession mode market conditions and achieved growth as per the marketer's expectations. As the recession is hitting the entire advertising spend, the online ad market was expected to grow slowly than predicted previously. But the recession made the ad spending to shift from traditional advertising to online advertising. The change in advertising preference helped to maintain the growth numbers even in the worst part of the recession. According to the Internet Advertising Bureau, Internet advertising grew by 4.6% in the first half of 2009 and represents 23.

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Branding [44]

The Risks of Clickthrough Determinism - Focusing Brand Management in the Digital Age

Back in the fall of 2009, reported on an intriguing trend towards lower participation rates in online display advertising ("What to Measure? Only 16% of the Web Is Clicking Display Ads"). The gist of the article is that only 8% of internet users account for 85% of all clicks on display ads, and that overall, so-called "clickers" only represent 16% of all U.S. internet users. Before we get excited and start pulling display budgets, let's bear a few facts in mind: 1) On the User side: When a consumer sees a display ad, a click is only one of a multitude of actions they may take in response. Telling a friend or colleague, typing the URL into a browser, or simply filing away that brand interaction for future reference - these are all actions of interest to marketers who are looking to drive true engagement with their brands.

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Librarian Interview Questions

Library is one of the rooms in any type of institution or company where there is pin drop silence. It is certainly our privilege to sit in the library. But if there would have been no librarian then you would have been in lots of trouble. Hence the post of librarian is quite a respected one and you will live a prosperous life. But you need to clear an interview in order to qualify for this post. Some of the companies recruit the librarian directly from the college where as some of them goes for the walk-in. If you are regularly giving the interviews then up till now you must have got the idea that there is lot more similarity in the interviews which you are giving.

Thriving This Year and Next - System of 7 Honed Provoking Questions Revealed

The key is to use this checklist in a practical cost efficient manner. After all, when you really think about it, most businesses risk and gains relate to 4 things: selling; infrastructure of people, plant, systems and processes; money and capital; and running more efficiently and effectively. Be nimble, flexible, and remember the goal is large gain with limited risk, not lots of risk for limited gain. All of you will be juggling more balls in the air all the time. The results of the quiz will be helpful on two levels. One, and most important, it will reveal the fiscal fitness of your company. Two, it will serve as a guide to help you evaluate risks you take relative to potential gain.

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Business Continuity Planning Basics - A Primer For Your Business

PHASE ONE Plan Cover Sheet The Plan Cover Sheet will not only identify your company, but also offer pertinent information that can be evaluated at a glance. See the sample attached. Company Address: The address should reflect the location for which this particular plan is designed. Other company locations and their information will be indexed in other material within the plan. Site Director: The Site Director should be the main decision maker of the company. They would be someone who at a moment's notice would be able to decide if the employees should shelter in place, go home or wait for further information. Alternate Site Director(s): The Alternate Site Director would be the person or persons who would be the second in command and would also be able to make the same decisions as the Site Director in the event the Site Director was unavailable.

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Conflicts With Customers

You have a angry customer or any one as far as that goes. What do you do? Many people instantly say I am sorry, This gives the signal that you have created the problem. Do not except responsibility for something you did not have any thing to do with. How can I help you? Then the individual starts telling you their raging problems going on and on. You hardly have room to say a word. What you should do is look at them with a friendly face and start asking them question? Questions that relate to most any situation. What is their account number? What is their address? What is their phone number? Dates What do these all have in common? Numbers, numbers, numbers.

Reality Based Thinking For Entrepreneurs Red Pill Entrepreneurship

Introduction This book is for those individuals contemplating owning or starting a business. Information contained in Red Pill Entrepreneurship is not meant to cast a shadow of pessimism on entrepreneurship. I love and have loved being an entrepreneur, but entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Over the years, I have felt a need to expose the reality of business to those who are wasting away their lives dreaming of having that "little shop" on the side of the road that they think will make them rich. Not to say that it is impossible to become rich from a new business, but it is definitely requires taking a second look. My hope is that you can eagerly join me in recounting a stream of funny stories and broken dreams of multiple entrepreneurs.

Ethics [44]

Ethical Leadership

Becoming the Most Honest and Ethical Leader You Can Be One of the best ways to move toward being the most honest and ethical leader you can be is to surround yourself with those who possess an even higher level of integrity and ethics. Additionally, read about ethical decision making. When faced with an ethical dilemma, take some time to deliberate the best course of action. If you are unsure about how to act in the most ethical manner for a particular situation, you can rely on the help of those who have a high level of ethics. For instance, speak with a leader from church, a college professor, or a trusted friend. Rather than relying on only one person, you can ask several of these ethical leaders for assistance.

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Franchising [45]

Starting a New Franchise

If you are considering starting a new business, then you may have been considering a franchise. There are a few things that you should think about when you are getting ready to start a franchise. It is considered to be a very popular way to start a new business. There are a few pros and cons to starting a franchise. These are all things that you should look into more before you decide whether it is an option that would be great for you or not. There are many different options that you must consider when starting your very own business. You will need to figure out the type of business that you want to get into. If you find something that you are interested in, then you are sure to enjoy doing it more.

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Fundraising [44]

Fraternity Fundraising - Strategy and Tips to Run a Successful Fundraiser

Money is important to any fraternity or organization, but acquiring a considerable sum is always a challenge. Fraternities not only hold fundraisers to obtain money for their organization but they also contribute money and time to charitable institutions. However, a good cause can only go so far unless the fraternity knows how to efficiently organize and carry out a fundraising event. Here are a couple of tips for fraternities on how to run a successful fundraiser. Member Participation. The fraternity's president should not be the only one participating in the event. Members' participation is important in the success of the fundraiser. It's also essential that all members know the purpose of the event and know what they need to do to achieve their goal.

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Standard Electricians Versus Industrial Electrical Contractors - What

Commercial businesses simply don't have time to play around when it comes to installing or repairing equipment, particularly when dealing with electrical systems. This makes choosing between standard and industrial electrical contractors a vital decision involving the everyday running of a manufacturing or commercial business. While it may be tempting to hire a standard electrician, the advantage of hiring electricians from a reliable industrial electrical service can make a huge difference in how these issues are dealt with and how they affect a company's bottom line. Here are some significant differences between a standard and an industrial electrician. Standard and Industrial Electrical Contractors Have Different Areas of Expertise The electrical systems found in residential homes and those found in commercial businesses are completely different.

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Management [70]

Six Sigma Training - Practical Applications in War

When it comes to the Military, Six Sigma Training has definitely proven to be an asset to the men and women that risk their lives daily for the freedom of the rest of the country. No one better understands process improvement, lower defect ratios, and reducing or eliminating waste better than the military. When people's lives are at stake and the smallest kink in a process could affect the very survival of many, something needs to be done to create a better process and get all the kinks out. Six Sigma Training can be used in wartime situations just like it can be used in any other industry, only with a bigger reward. When you use Six Sigma in any other industry, the result will usually be improved sales, a more successful company, or something along those lines.

Marketing [89]

Why Personalised Lanyards Are Extremely Useful

Every business owner would find personalised lanyards extremely useful if he or she chooses them as promotional items for the advertising campaign. Lanyards provide lots of space to put your company name on them, as well as custom message, phrases of slogan, contact information, website, promotional motto and so on. They can be manufactured in the colour scheme of your company's brand image, and imprinted with the logo of your organisation. Just these characteristics are quite sufficient for a thing to be chosen as a branded item, but simple lanyards have so many other advantages that they can easily compete with such popular and proven promotional instruments as pens, mugs, pencils and caps.

Exhibit Displays - Getting Them Right

Choosing exhibit displays in trade shows is a tactical task. The bottom line of these displays is to get people to come in your booth. In addition to this, most businesses want to ensure that visitors do not head for the competitors' booth. Whatever the odds might be, displays are very useful for making your appearance successful in a trade show. Modern display booths are evolved in many ways. There's a vast array of booths or exhibit displays fitting into virtually any budget. Here are some tips for getting the most of displays in the trade shows. It's good to go for modular exhibit displays - at least in most of the cases. Modular booths have the advantage of change.

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Negotiation [41]

Negotiation For Freelances

Negotiating the terms of a project can be one of the most difficult things for freelances to manage, after generating new business. For those without a commercial background, such as copywriters or graphic designers, hammering out a deal can feel a very long way from the comfort zone. It may become a source of real anxiety that taints the enjoyment of the 'real' work to be done. That's a shame, because negotiation is a skill that can be acquired by anyone. While some people have a natural flair for negotiation, the rest of us can still learn how to apply the basic principles, achieving a huge step forward from ad hoc, reactive or emotional approaches that deliver mixed results at best, frustration at worst.

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Networking [49]

Personal Trainers - How to Network With Other Businesses

Here you are, dreams of your own personal training business about to be made into reality. You have everything you need to succeed: a realistic set of goals, a solid business strategy, and a loyal client base. Most people would think that you've done everything you can to ensure your success, but there's still one more thing to consider: using other businesses to help boost your client base. Just as referrals from other clients generate more clients, networking with other businesses is a powerful technique you can use to get your name out there, with less work involved. An alliance between businesses - that's the idea behind networking, and it's just as incredible as it sounds.

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Non Profit [45]

Charity Car Donations - Steps to Know When Donating Your Car Charity

Are you in the market for a new car, but you are not sure what you should do with your other car? You could trade it in toward getting a new car or you could sell it but both of those come with a few hassles. There is another option which most people are finding very helpful to their needs of disposing of their old car in a good way, charity car donations. Charity Car Donations are simple and quick for the most part. You just need to call up your local car donations place and tell them you have a car to donate and they will come and pick it up. There are some things that you should know about charity car donations however, so that you do not find yourself worrying about the IRS.

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Outsourcing [43]

Why Virtual Office Assistants?

The rise of the Virtual Office Assistant industry is undeniably fast. Today there is a sudden increase in the number of people working as virtual assistants. To better understand this growing trend, we first have to know how they operate and later think about becoming one. The responsibility is similar but not limited to an office's secretary which means that they can do various works that are required of them to accomplish. This includes highly technical skills that most regular secretaries are not too familiar of. The beauty of becoming a virtual office assistant is that you work from home or your own office. Clients use today's technology as medium, such as email, phone and chat, to communicate.

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PR [43]

Why Buy a Press Release?

If your business depends on widespread public attention, whether that is because it operates on the Internet or because it needs an extensive customer base, using a press release service can benefit you. A press release is a written announcement to selected members of the press that is designed to make the happenings of your business appear newsworthy. A successful release leads to mentions of your company in media publications. You may be wondering how it could possibly help your company to spend money on a piece of writing that cannot be sold or directly used in any other way to make that money back, so the following paragraphs will give you information to help you understand how buying a press release can help your business.

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Presentation [45]

Things To Think Of While You Make Your Presentation

It is a wise thing to plan what you will be saying and doing before your presentation starts. Even more important be cognizant of what is going on in the customers' mind during the presentation. You want to make the prospect want to own what you are presenting. During the presentation keep these things in mind and be aware of them. Try to find out what their needs are: You must find out the hot button, the most important motive that would cause the prospect to buy. Is it convenience, pride of ownership, accuracy etc.? What is the prospects biggest headache or his greatest weakness in what he is doing now? How is he doing what he is doing now? Explain Benefits Here you show clearly how each of the major benefits applies to his business.

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Productivity [49]

Practical Five S and Kaizen

Five "S" is a Japanese Concept of maintaining a Workplace or Office or house neat and tidy always. It consist of Five Japanese words starting with the English Alphabet "S". Japanese take this Five "S" as foundation over which all other concepts are implemented. Five "S" reduces searching time, delay and rework. Now we will see the words and its equivalent English meaning. 1. SEIRI - SORT OUT - Segregate Unwanted items from wanted items. 2. SEITON - MAINTAIN - Keep the wanted items in an orderly manner 3. SEISO - CLEAN UP - Have your surrounding clean 4. SEIKETSU - STANDARDISE - Create standards and implement it 5. SHITSUKE - FOLLOW UP - Have periodical Audits, Training and Improvement Actions.

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Resume Keywords - Finding Relevant Keywords For Your Resume

Keywords are the jargon of a particular industry, and keywords on your resume speak to who you are within that industry. They are the words employers are searching for to establish that a candidate has a professional or academic background suitable for a particular job opening. Resume Keywords Keep You Visible Resume keywords can make or break your job search. In recent years, companies have grown dependant on resume databases; relying on keywords and search software to match candidates with job qualifications. If your resume has become part of a database of resumes (a more likely occurrence than not, in today's world), it needs relevant keywords in order to surface and land on the desk of a hiring manager.

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Retail [44]

Hiring a Designer For Your Restaurant

When planning the layout of your restaurant, don't hesitate to hire an interior designer. Hiring a professional to assist you can increase your business and attract repeat customers. By creating an atmosphere that is compatible with the food you are serving people will feel welcomed into the restaurant. It may be as simple as adding filtered lights to provide a romantic glow or it may be as extensive as designing your restaurant around a theme. This is also beneficial if business is not as steady as you were expecting. The food may be perfect and the service may be great, but the ambiance of the restaurant can put people off from visiting again. An interior designer can help with this.

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Sales [55]

Your Website Isn't Human - Don't Steal the Thunder From Your Sales Floor

As the internet has evolved, we are learning how to do more and more business online. Websites have become interactive, rich with content, and can completely take over the sales process. But could you be trying to do too much with your website? Depending on your industry, over-automation of the sales process may be hurting your bottom line. Don't streamline your sales process at the expense of your audience. On occasion, we all need to make a complicated, service-oriented acquisition. Many of these services tend to be financial in nature, and of a personal matter such as a home mortgage or life insurance. With the technologies available to web developers, and the desire for simplification of the sales process, entire web applications have sprung up on websites.

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7 Rules For Electrifying Your Testimonials

One of the most misused forms of sales and marketing is the testimonial. This is a shame because it's also one of the most powerful things you can do to promote your business to prospects. Testimonials are referrals or endorsements from your customers and serve as statements that testify to your competence, professionalism and ability to deliver a strong product or service. Testimonials are widely used not only because they're effective but because they are low-cost or free way to promote you business and build its image. By all means, use testimonials but make sure to use them properly or they won't deliver much of a punch. There's are easy ways around the classic mistakes made by so many users of testimonials.

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5 Ways to Overcome the Let Me Think About it Objection

What would telephone selling be like without a daily dose of "Let me think about it?" Probably much easier and much less frustrating. But since the objection is not going to go away any time soon perhaps now is a good time to look at some ways to tackle it. Is it Real? When a prospect says "let me think about it", is he telling the truth?Some prospects toss out this classic objection because they simply want to get rid of you. They say it, not because they mean it, but because it is a polite method of getting you off the line. The trouble is, if you are not savvy to this brush off, you can waste a lot of time and energy following up with e-mails and phone calls.

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Deliver a Great Training Workshop and Still Avoid Public Speaking

The ultimate fear What is the ultimate human fear? It is not, as you might expect, death. Neither is it illness. Or even heights. According to David Wallwchinsky in his Book of Lists, for the majority of us the most heart-stopping, panic-inducing, blood-curdling thing in the world is... public speaking. But if the idea of giving a ten-minute speech makes your palms sweat, what about delivering a three-day training workshop? In this article we look at some key steps you can take to help you deliver workshops with confidence, perhaps turning one of your worst fears into one of your best assets. But surely, to be a great trainer, you must be a person that loves to put on a bit of a show?

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Security [43]

Do You Need Security Guard Services?

Security Guards should be regarded as pivotal members of staff as they offer a very important services that in essence separates serious shoppers and time wasters and thieves. We have all grown accustomed to CCTV cameras watching over our every move that provides company with detailed footage of how employees and customers are behaving, which is ideal to monitor the latest layouts of stores and to monitor suspicious activity. Not only does CCTV coverage offer a company extra safety for employees and added protection for your stock, but also benefits your insurances. With that being said however, there is always a need for eyes on the ground monitoring the behaviour of suspicious customers.

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As a Small Business Owner, Obstacles Can't Destroy Your Dream - Your Attitude Can

One of lessons I learned early on in my entrepreneurial career is, "It's not over unless I give up." Circumstances and people don't have the last word - I do. The biggest contributor to my persistence was my faith in God. So I guess you could say "It's not over until God says it's over." For me, quitting was not an option. Did I have failures? You bet. However, with the right attitude, you can fail forward. For each circumstance that appears to be a stumbling block to your success, ask yourself "What can I learn from this?" If you are a brick-and-mortar business and foot traffic has slowed down in the past year or so, what can you do differently to increase your market share?

Sign Up With These Free Mystery Shopping Companies

I am now registered with over 40 reputable mystery shopping companies. Do you really need to sign up with so many? You don't have to. I like receiving as many available assignments as necessary. Some companies may only have one or two assignments in my area, some may have more. Since I registered with several, I receive a large amount of available assignment notices in my email box everyday. If you sign up with two or three great companies, you are off to a good start. You can always continue to add more companies, I still do. Listed below are three mystery shopping companies that you can sign up with. Each one has a great reputation which means they have legit assignments and they pay on time.

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Wellness As a Business Strategy

U. S. health care costs have increased from $1, 100 per person in 1980 to $7, 900 in 2009. Currently $1.5 trillion, 75 percent of all health care spending, is devoted to treating chronic diseases which are often preventable. Ninety-nine percent of all Medicare dollars spent are linked to chronic disease. Obesity and complications (diabetes, cancer, and heart disease) are responsible for an estimated $147 billion a year. Health care reform must address coverage for all Americans while dramatically reducing costs. Failure to address the situation will prevent American companies from competing in the global marketplace, increase taxes, and undermine our economy.

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Team Building [40]

Tips to Find the Right Venue For the Company Event

For those companies who want to bring all their employees together for a seminar or meeting, team building events are a great way to do it. Even corporate events will be able to house and entertain vast numbers of people or to give them a chance to kick back and meet fellow employees or executives. The need to help people from all parts of the country to gel is what brought about the phenomena of these kinds of gatherings. Merely knowing names at the end of the phone is sometimes not enough to make people feel like a part of a group all working towards the same end. They really need to bond with their counterparts in other states, or indeed other countries, to feel like they are part of the greater family.

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Top Ten Tips For Printing Canvases

1) Make your frame using two pieces of wood at right angles to ensure a square joint. Use a soft hammer to push the frame into shape and staple for finish. 2) Measure the frame across the front, around the side of the canvas. Then add on approx half of the back of the canvas to be white. 3) Print your image and use photoshop - select all - modify - border, to create a border around the print so you can see where to cut 4) Leave your print flat to dry for an hour or two to ensure the ink is fully dry before stretching 5) Hold your print up to the light and draw in the reverse of the canvas print corners using a pencil. Mark this fully with a ruler. This will help you to place your frame.

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Your JV Consumer Psychological Strategy

Do you know how your customers view your joint venture business? And how do you treat your customers? Consumer psychology is important when you consider how you promote your JV business and develop products or services. In fact, it's an integral part of the business process. You and your JV partner should be aware and understand consumer needs in order for your joint venture to expand and be successful. Consumer psychology is based on several factors. The following are just a few of the important factors that help shape the consumer psychological profile for a particular business. Purchase Experience A consumer wants to have a pleasant purchasing experience.

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Ten Things You Can Control in a Workplace Conflict

Let's face it; we often spend more hours with the people we work with than we do our family and friends. Sometimes, if we're lucky, our best friends *are* our co-workers. But even in the best of times it's not unusual to be faced with the guy three cubicles down from yours whom you'd just as soon clobber than look at again. Fold in a heightened sense of tension due to uncertain job security these days and even the smallest disagreements can turn into firestorms. What you do when facing a conflict at work is critical; especially if you don't have the luxury of delivering a Jerry McGuire-esque speech to the entire office before making your dramatic exit with Renee Zellwegger in tow.

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