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A Proprietary Next-Generation Extract Of An Out of date Indian Plant Leads To A Scientific Breakthrough For Helping Maintain Blood Sugar And Cholesterol

A scientific breakthrough by Ayurvedic-Life International, a important biotech confident in Neenah, Wisconsin, has led to a proprietary next-generation extract of an decrepit Indian plant called Gymnema sylvestre that helps human beings control blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
Gymnema sylvestre is a unique plant that grows in the Indian sub-continent and has been used as a everyday folk medicine for maintaining optimal health thanks to 6000 B.C. Several tribes, including the Santals in east-central India, posses used Gymnema sylvestre leaves for centuries as a folk remedy.
OmSanA®, the product created by extracting the most concentrated OSA™ (Om Santal Adivasi) compound from the Gymnema sylvestre leaf, is up to 400% enhanced active than competing Gymnema sylvestre dietary supplements. This allows consumers to cop maximum benefits from OmSanA's® dual-benefits of blood sugar and cholesterol maintenance.*
Manufactured and distributed by Santal Solutions LLC , a subsidiary of Ayurvedic-Life International, OmSanA® is offered in easy to swallow vegetarian capsule form and offers consumers the later health benefits:
- Naturally helps look after general Blood Sugar levels.*
- Naturally helps maintain orderly Cholesterol levels.*
- Results in as diminutive as 30-days.
- Clinically proven.
- A 400% more active ingredient than competing Gymnema sylvestre dietary supplements.
- No side part compass been reported to date when captivating OmSanA® at commonplace daily dosages (500mg - 750mg).
Dr. Arun K. Chatterji, PhD, the inventor of OmSanA® and the Chairman and CEO of Ayurvedic-Life International, states, "OmSanA® is the perfect balance of nature and science. My invention of the Ayurvedic Modern Isolate technology, OSA™, allowed our all-natural proprietary Gymnema sylvestre extract product, OmSanA®, to be coupled with scientific cellular even endocrine test and human clinicals to bring a truly solitary health notion to millions of people worldwide."
* OmSanA® is an all-natural dietary supplement for maintaining both blood sugar and Cholesterol levels that are already within the conventional range.
These statements carry not been evaluated by the Refreshment and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
About Ayurvedic-Life International
Located in Neenah, WI, Ayurvedic-Life International, LLC, is focused on developing story proprietary compounds from natural substances to edit the health of mankind. For extra information, please call (920) 968-0988 or stay
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