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How To Keep Your Man From Withdrawing

A big fight may be all that's needed to end a wonderful relationship, but is there really a way to avoid it? The answer would be yes, there are signs to look out for and methods to deal with them. The following are a few general tips on what to look out for and what to do to keep your man from withdrawing.

1. Understand what's going on in his mind.

Men aren't romantic. They don't believe things will simply grow into what they want it to be. You have to be direct to the point - be clear and concise about what you want. Just remember that there's a right and wrong time for you to voice out your thoughts.

Of course, this can make any woman feel vulnerable. But remember, all relationships have a measure of risk to them. In life, there are few things that can guarantee some form of profit without the person involved taking a risk, and love is definitely not one of them.

Making a relationship grow means taking chances, but this doesn't mean that a woman can't put the scales in her favor. If a woman can read her man and give him what he wants, he may start thinking that it would be worth it to invest his time and effort into the relationship after all.

2. Don't forget that he has expectations from your relationship, as well.

People all need to be satisfied. If we don't get what they want, we become unhappy - when we are unhappy, we become increasingly irritable - and the more irritable you are, the bigger the chances you end up lashing out at him.

Sound familiar?

Sometimes, however, we fail to realize that our unhappiness could also be our own fault. Sometimes we expect only good things to stem from a relationship and fail to consider the man's side of things - what his dreams are, what he wants, how he feels and how he looks at things are critical to a healthy relationship.

A woman who knows all these can keep the relationship under better control.

3. Avoid making the "big mistake."

Men are often lousy in identifying what women want. They're shortsighted creatures, and most of the time you have to deal with this just to keep the relationship together. Thankfully enough, it doesn't have to be as complicated as it sounds.

You should know what her man wants; if you can satisfy him, he'll naturally want to return the favor. The small things, like knowing what he likes to eat, understanding that he needs his space, and even things like fixing his tie - are little things that can win a man's heart.

Nothing in the world is free, naturally. If you'd like your man to make her happy, the easiest way of doing this is by making him happy, too.


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