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Building A Good Communication Channel Between Partners

Opening the channels of communication is difficult for many couples. Its rare for both couples to both be extroverted people. Therefore it's more likely that one will be Introverted while the other Extroverted. This is more common in real life.

In a pairing such as this it's inevitable that arguments will ensue and fights will occur. To minimize the devastation by this, it's imperative that a good channel of communication be put in place to lessen the impact that an Intro/Extro relationship argument can have.

To open a good channel of communication you need to lay a few ground rules which are easy in theory but difficult in practice.

First: Be open to suggestions and criticism

Second: Observe body language rather then always relying on verbal cues

Third: Listen between the lines, for instance the hidden meaning rather then take everything literal

Fourth: Take the opportunity to push yourself as a communicator and share your feelings. This will show him/her that you're willing to express yourself and open a channel

Fifth: Try new things! Trying new things is helpful in bridging a gap between people and helps create new bonds

As easy as the above may sound its actually not. Especially for the introverted person who is unable or incapable of expressing there feelings or talking about them. Once your able to persuade the other person or yourself to open a good channel of communication then and only then will you be able to avoid a lot of arguments or at best minimize there occurrence.

Remember nobody is perfect and problems will arise however with a little bit of preparation you can make a better relationship for both you and your partner.


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