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How To Shop For A Good Husband

Every serious relationship is bound to end up in marriage. Ladies try to read in between the lines and try to see whether their is any good husband material in their boyfriend. What tells whether he can make a good husband or not? Many ladies fantasize about a tall, dark and handsome man. Their is more to it than just looks. He might have looks meant to kill but a Casanova. That would not make you happy since their will be shared resources. A good husband concentrates all his energies towards building a family and exercising love, patience and selflessness. Sometimes it is too hard to detect a good husband it might need divine intervention. Our pastor used to remind us now and then that we should forward a prayer to God about our future husband. It looked so funny then but now i completely concur with him. Is your man a good husband? Would you pick him over again for a life partner? If yes count your blessings but you must also be good wife to have achieved that.

I strongly believe that every man has the potential of making a good husband. The environment and the circumstances under which the family is set dictates the turn of events. I know you disagree and say that some men were born bustards but give me a chance to explain. May be it is his background which might make him act like a bad husband but what if you understand it and use it to and revolve the matter. If his dad avoided the responsibilities by getting home drunk, it is the only trick he knows. Understand his problem and show him he is still the good husband you could ever get. Look for ways and means of challenging him but whatever you do, do not use harsh words. Hard words inflicts sharp pain to the heart and provokes rebellion. Sweet words on the other hard opens even the darkest part of the heart and sheds some light.

It takes two people to make the marriage work. This happens when the honey moon duration is over and the real life begins. You immediately start noticing some nerve wrecking actions about your good husband. What do you do? When he does not flash the toilet. He behaves in a wanting manner such it is even embarrassing you can't even share with your good friend. He might not be so cultured and yet he is a good husband. The most important thing is a person who listens to you and a person who loves you as you love him right back. If that is the case, then he is a good husband. The other things will simply sort themselves out. Do not make a mountain out of an ant hill. Every error is correctable if he listens and lovingly adjust his behavior.

If you are busy looking for a good husband concentrate on how you feel and the listening skills of your man. If he can listen and act without feeling offended, he is yours for the taking. If he is intimidated by corrections and your opinions, let him go, he will bring you down. His ego should not be too great to adjust to a common life together. He will love for who he is when you are with him.


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