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10 Reasons Why Your Man Does Not Want To Commit To You

1. While it sounds corny, he might really be afraid of committing to you. It is a big change in going from being single to being married, especially if you have not lived together. Talk to him and tell him that you are afraid, too -- It is a big change, but it is a change you will go through together.

2. He thinks he will not get to spend time with the guys anymore. But obviously, you are going to want to spend time with your girlfriends, so he will have to do something while you are shopping, right?

3. He thinks you are going to throw out his leopard-print sofa or favorite heavy metal rock t-shirt. You might suggest a new shirt, but let him know that you are not going to totally change his style.

4. He thinks you are going to want to do everything together. But we all know that everyone needs a little private time. Discuss this, and help him feel more comfortable with the idea that sharing a life together does not mean being together every second of every day.

5. He might have some financial concerns. This is definitely something you want to discuss before committing, even if he does not have any fears.

6. He may think his parents do not like you or your parents are not fond of him. Even if that is not the case, there may be family reasons keeping him from popping the question.

7. He may think you are going to want children right away. Maybe you are, but again, this is something that you should certainly discuss before even thinking of planning your life together.

8. If the two of you are different religions, he may be concerned about issues regarding which church you will attend and what faith you will raise your children.

9. He might be waiting to commit when his job or financial situation goes to the next level. Maybe he is waiting on a huge promotion or wants to feel more settled in his career before he starts settling down.

10. He might be afraid of what your reaction will be when he proposes marriage to you. He might be afraid of rejection. Simply let him know where you stand, in terms of how you feel about him and your life together. Once he is clear about how you feel, he will feel more confident to propose when the time is right for him.


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