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Why Men Withdraw

There's a "Big Mistake" many women make when dealing with men, and this is actually something men make women do without them realizing it - most of the time. Men are generally insensitive creatures - they're bad at hints and signs, and they may even ignore them entirely on occasion.

Men are afraid of commitment, or see it as something that they'll only get to if they really like the woman. Thing is, relationships become tough for women because men are usually satisfied with steady non-committal relationships, and they almost never show it.

When women confess to men about their feelings, it drives the men away. They withdraw because they're not comfortable in taking the next step or they don't see anything they really want.

This becomes an increasingly difficult problem when a woman has gone with a man into a stagnant relationship. If the man doesn't show that he doesn't want to take the next step, and the woman does nothing about it because she's afraid of losing the "connection," the man becomes too complacent in the relationship and may even be equally afraid of taking the next step in fear of losing what he has.

Time may go by and men won't realize how they're acting.

They just drop hints, stop being sweet altogether and may become increasingly irritating. Some men do this gradually over the course of months and then, without even realizing it, the woman may find that their relationship has simply evaporated.

With the woman being extremely angry, irritated and depressed, its not unlikely that this will cause her to make "The Big Mistake." This can be many things - complaining about the relationship, showing her distaste in it, rant about how he doesn't feel the same way - but all of these are generally equate to the big fights that usually end relationships.

Sure, this may seem like righteous anger to a woman, but men see it as hysterical - as unfair as it may sound. However this isn't a completely unavoidable pattern in a relationship.

Now it's actually possible to avoid getting into these arguments. If a woman is understanding, caring and patient enough, she can pave the first few steps in a healthy relationship with her man. However, women have to realize that they don't have to be doormats while doing this -- a woman can't give a man everything he wants. When she does, he'll have no reason to want her anymore, since there won't be anything else she can offer him.

Women are extremely perceptive and intuitive creatures, if they use those tools enough it shouldn't be too difficult figuring out how their man ticks, what he wants, how to deal with him when he's angry or when he's not in the mood.

If the woman can do this, the man should be able to appreciate her better. This way, she won't have a reason to make "The Big Mistake".


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