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How to Find a Man Ready to Marry You

Marriage is the ultimate dream for many young girls. We not only envision the loving, caring, and adoring husband we will have, but we also imagine him standing beside us at a lavish wedding ceremony. Marriage is a commitment that can completely enrich your life. If you are serious about getting married in the near future, you're likely starting to be more particular about who you are dating. There are ways that you can find a man ready to marry just by reading some of the signals he's giving as well as what he's saying to you.

When a man is open to the idea of marriage he's planning ahead. If you just met a man who has his own home and a steady job, take that as a positive sign. A man ready to marry wants his finances in order. Men who are investing in things like sports cars or exotic vacations with singles clubs aren't going to be popping "the" question anytime in the near future.

If you've been dating a man for several months and he rarely talks about his family, this may be a sign that he's not ready for any serious commitment. If his family lives in the area and you know that he sees them, if he's serious about you, he'd introduce you to them. Bringing a woman home to meet mom and dad is a monumental step for most men, so if the man in your life invites you for dinner with his parent or parents, you should take this as a positive sign.

Kids are an instrumental part of many marriages, and if a man is ready to marry he may begin talking here and there about children. Some men will be very direct and will just ask a woman if she'd like children in the future. Other men simply want to test the relationship waters so they'll discuss children in a more subtle way to gauge your reaction. Remember that men who want children will be viewing you as a potential mother to those children. If you feel he's doing that, he may be readying himself for a walk down the aisle.

One of the most obvious signs that a man has marriage on his mind is if he cleverly steers you into a jewelry store while you're on a shopping trip. Although most men want the proposal itself to be a surprise, they do want to choose a ring that you'll fall in love with. If he suddenly wants to know which engagement rings you find appealing, you don't need to find a man ready to marry you, you've already got one.


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