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Love Won't Let You Leave

There are times that you are going to get caught up in the middle of a bad relationship. It is definitely not a pleasant thing, and I wish it could be avoided all together, but life is not perfect and neither are relationships. There are going to be times in a relationship when you just want to walk away, but for some reason you stay and not quite sure why. The bottom line... love won't let you leave.

I know it's frustrating at times when you get your heart broke time after time just to find yourself in the same situation yet again with the same person, and you do what you've always done; you stay! People around you think you are crazy and want to give you advice about what you should do. The problem with that is that it's easy to give smart advice when you are not the one in that situation. They have all the logical answers and speak with great confidence. As soon as they get placed in the same situation, they usually handle it the same way you did. And like you, they stay and then ask themselves why?

Love is a wonderful, yet strange thing. No one can ever explain it or truly understand it. The one thing that they do know is that it is very powerful! It can give you hopes and dreams and it can take them away. It causes you to think outside the box when you are faced with the decision to leave. It causes you to think things that only makes sense to you and cause you to accept things that you wouldn't normally accept. And as strange as it sounds, it's quite common and very normal.

Love will also cause you to overlook the truth. When you catch your significant other in a lie, and you know it's a life, love makes you accept it because it is easier on the heart. Sometimes you would rather accept a lie than the truth, because it makes you feel better. So now what you know as a lie has become your truth. The funny thing is when you are on the outside looking in, you see it for the lie that it is, but when you are on the inside, you see what love allows you to see, which ultimately causes you to stay. You are now starting to be held hostage by your own love.

While love is holding you hostage, your head begins to tell you one thing while your heart tells you another. That alone is a battle within itself. Your head is your sense of reason and your heart is your protector from pain. No one likes emotional pain and they try to avoid it at all cost. When pain is lingering in the air, your love for someone sets to the "heart" default to prevent any pain to you. This is when the heart has just taken over. Your mind now has to work overtime to help you hold on to the truth. Your head will give you a hundred reasons why you should leave and your heart can give you just one, and that one can outweigh the hundred because your heart is your protector and it will do whatever it needs to do to protect you from pain.

Many of you will go through trials and tribulations time after time with that someone. You will shed many tears and time after time and stay for your own personal reasons. Everyone will become a relationship expert and offer advice. Despite all of that, only you will know when enough is enough. Eventually your mind will prevail and allow you to accept reality for what it is and allow you to accept any pain that comes your way. And just like anything else, you will get though it and move on. But until then... accept the fact that love won't let you leave.


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