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ICD International Classification of Diseases and Coding

What is ICD? It is the shorter version of abbreviation for The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. It provides codes to classify diseases and a wide variety of signs, symptoms, abnormal findings, complaints, social circumstances and external causes of injury or disease. Thus whatever the type of health condition, it is put into a specific category that has other similar diseases and a code is assigned to it. The origins of ICD can be said to have its origins from the 1850s when the first edition was known by the name of "International List of Causes of Death". Who publishes ICD and what is the use of ICD today?

How Pilates Can Help Your Fibromyalgia

If you have the chronic condition Fibromyalgia, you might logically conclude that there is nothing you can do by way of exercise. You conclude this because you are in constant pain, your mobility might be compromised and your self-esteem and morale might also be at rock bottom. However you would be wrong. There is a whole range of exercises that you can do and one of them is Pilates. Pilates is one of what I call my super exercises and I manage to do it while living with Fibromyalgia. First of all, let's be clear, there is no exercise plan that you should take on that is outside of your ability and your level. Whatever you decide to do by way of exercise, it must always be at your pace.

Understanding And Overcoming Underarm Sweating

Have you ever seen those advertisements that show a guy surfing the sea after applying a deodorant? Or an advertisement where a guy is pursued by women just because he has applied a certain deodorant? Deodorants and talcum powders help in reducing the underarm sweating that is quite prevalent in people today, as many people are afflicted with this problem. Excessive under arm sweating is not a natural phenomenon. It is not a by-product of a hot and humid climate. Excessive under arm sweating is a physical condition, which is medically known as hyperhidiosis. There are mainly two types of hyperhydrosis: namely primary and secondary. Nobody knows the causes for primary hyperhydrosis.

Eight Ways To Help Prevent Hemorrhoids

Since hemorrhoids is such a common condition for many Americans these days, it is important to know what the steps are to prevent them. While even with the best prevention techniques, there is still a chance that a person may get the condition, but there are a few considerations to keep in mind which will help reduce that chance. 1. Be sure that you are getting enough bulk in your diet in the form of fiber. While some may choose to use fiber supplements to achieve this, getting the fiber from fresh foods like fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy whole grains is going to give the best results. 2. Avoid certain types of drinks that are not beneficial to your overall health, as well as causing hemorrhoid conditions.

MRSA - The Modern Virus Bug Spreading Through Hospitals, Assisted-Living and Healthcare Facilities

MRSA known as Methicillin - Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus often called "Staph", is running rapid throughout Hospitals, Assisted Living and long term health-care facilities. The MRSA bacteria is resistant to certain antibiotics such as methicillin and other more common antibiotics such as oxacillin, penicillin and amoxicillin. The MRSA disease is still predominently related to exposure to healthcare delivery. MRSA targets individuals with weakened immune systems for example the elderly and individuals who are ill and in the hospital receiving treatments. Young children are often at risk due to immunities. Healthy individuals can be colonized with the MRSA - Staph virus and show little or no signs of having it and can still spread it even if they are not sick themselves.

Treating Your Acid Reflux Naturally

Some think that acid reflux is just a minor inconvenience or irritation, but for those who suffer from it they know that it's downright painful and can interfere with their everyday life and their sleeping patterns as well. While there are many antacids you can use and prescription medications that can help, you can treat your condition naturally and without harsh chemicals. Understanding what causes this condition is the first step toward effectively treating your acid reflux condition. When you eat certain foods that are high in acid content this causes too much acid to be in your stomach. Also, if you eat too much your stomach just naturally produces more acid to deal with this excessive amount of food.

What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS?

So, what exactly is irritable bowel syndrome, or "IBS"? Irritable bowel syndrome is a disorder which is characterized by pain in the abdominal area and drastic changes in bowel habits. IBS is a common condition. Irritable bowel syndrome has several symptoms. Some of these include frequent defecation, bloating, anxiety, headaches, frequent diarrhea, and constipation. The exact cause of IBS is unknown because there is no specific lab test which can be used to diagnose the disorder. Irritable bowel syndrome is often misdiagnosed, and most commonly cases of coeliac disease is thought to be IBS. There are several medical conditions which go hand in hand with IBS, such as headaches, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, and depression.

Is Honey a Cure for Acid Reflux?

In the past few years the following question has been posed more and more, "Is Honey a Cure for Acid Reflux?" Certainly there has been growing debate on this subject which has led to much confusion. The first thing to be clear on is that ordinary shop-bought honey, full of added sugar, is not what is being put forward as a 'cure' for acid reflux. Not only that, the causes of acid reflux can be many and varied so it would be morally and ethically wrong to claim that one single item can 'cure' acid reflux. To set the record straight, the main debate concerns a type of honey called 'Manuka Honey' which is said to exhibit certain antibacterial properties. In particular the ability to combat a certain bacteria which is know to be one of the main causes of acid reflux symptoms, otherwise known as heartburn.

The 3 Best Acid Reflux Home Remedies You Can Use Right Now

The drug companies would have you believe that acid reflux home remedies just don't work and the only way to stop acid reflux and GERD is to take antacids. This is based on the misguided belief that excess acid is the cause of acid reflux. In most cases this is simply not true. As the name suggests, acid reflux is the reflux of stomach acid into your throat which is unprotected and easily burnt by the acid. This reflux is caused by poor digestion of food which is physically churned to assist the digestive process. If you can boost your digestive system with well known acid reflux home remedies you have a good chance of preventing the need for your stomach to churn food.

Acid Reflux - Food to Avoid Heartburn Symptoms

Food to avoid heartburn symptoms is often misunderstood and badly researched. For example, it was long thought that milk was the best way to soothe and heal stomach ulcers. Of course, it is only more recently that milk has in fact been found to make heartburn symptoms worse. These misconceptions have continued to spread, with many people believing that spicy food or any food with a strong flavour is the cause of heartburn symptoms. These people restrict themselves to boring bland diets in order to cope. Sure, these types of food make the sensation of heartburn worse, but they are not the cause of heartburn and in particular acid reflux. Let me just explain for a moment the distinction between heartburn symptoms and acid reflux.

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