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3 BIG Advantages Taller Men Have Over Shorter Men

Is it true that taller men have more success, better jobs, higher confidence, and earn more money?.... Here are several advantages of being taller, backed up from various pieces of research:

Higher on the Career Ladder:

Taller men are more likely to be in a position of power in the workplace. Taller people naturally look down on other people as they speak, and other people will naturally look upwards towards them. This can have a dominating appearance, and lead to assumptions about management, and leadership qualities.

"Blink" Author Malcolm Gladwell researched over 250 companies in the fortune 500 list and found that the majority of their CEOs were tall. He found that:

  • 58% were over 6 feet tall, whereas only 14% of the general American population were 6 feet or over.

  • He also recorded that 30% of CEOs were over 6'2" tall, whereas only 4% of American men are over 6;2" tall

More Money:

The above statistics on position within the workplace obviously have a roll over effect onto how much people earn according to their height. Timothy Judge, from the University of Florida found that for each inch in height, a person earned about $789 more in pay per month. So a 6-foot person would earn $5,525 more each year than someone who is 5'5."

Judge concluded that "If you take this over the course of a 30-year career and compound it, we're talking about literally hundreds of thousands of dollars of earnings advantage that a tall person enjoys"

Dating Success

James Gould from Princeton University believes that women's preference for tall men is hard-wired into the brain, with women rating taller men as more confident, self assured, assertive, and generally attractive. This even relates back to the image of a strong, protective man from more tribal societies when it really was survival of the fittest, and a woman needed a strong man to give her children the best chance of survival too.

This is supported by a study published in the journal "Nature". Robin I. M. Dunbar from Liverpool University studied 3,200 men in their 20s to 50s, they found that:

  • Taller males were more likely to get married and have children than smaller men.

  • Men with children were, on average, 1.2 inches taller than childless men.

  • Married men were 1 inch taller on average than bachelors.

So the above research seems pretty conclusive... but is there anything you can do to increase your height?

Well, Yes - there is! We're not talking miracle cures here, but you can increase your height by up to 2" simply by correcting your posture. 96% of the population does not have a supportive, neutral posture, so practically everyone can increase their height by improving their posture.

By not walking and sitting with a hunched back, and round shoulders you are not as tall as you could be, and over time these bad posture practices will lead to an almost permanent loss of height, However by noticing your bad posture practices, walking with your back straight and shoulders back you will not only feel better, but will slowly "straighten out" and you will actually gain height, in some cases up to 2" - which according to the research above could mean the difference between $1400+ per month, career advancements, and more success with the opposite sex.


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