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Aeron Chair Review - Our Look and Review of the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

Let's start the Aeron Chair review with a bit of history on the creation of this ergonomic mesh design.

Herman Miller decided to try a new approach to designing the perfect office chair, no ground rules, no preconceived notions. He directed the team to approach the chair with a completely open book, looking to redefine an office chairs form without losing any functionality.

The Aeron chair was the result. It is designed to interact with you and not just sit there. It is purported to actively intercede on behalf of your health.

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair adjusts to any position you assume for any task you perform. The adjustments are simple, allowing you to change your posture regularly while working. Designed to actually fit you, it is offered in 3 sizes for small, medium, and large people.

It is also designed to be Earth friendly with replaceable and repairable parts. It should be the last office chair you really ever need.

The best part about the Herman Miller chair is called the Pellicle suspension system. Comprised of a special material that is strong and stretchy, it envelopes your back and bottom to support you while evenly distributing the load over the entire body area. Thus, minimizing pressure points. It's mesh design allows for airflow, keeping the body dry, and fresh.

Because of the lower back chair design, some may find the back to be slightly short for full support. The Herman Miller Aeron Chair supports the shoulder blades, the most essential part, but if you want full back and shoulder support this chair may not be the best pick.

Although the Aeron is expensive, ranging from $900-$1400 depending on the options, repair and maintenance is affordable. As of this writing, prices have adjusted, and you can find sale prices, and base models for the $300-$400 range. An active resale and auction market exists for the Aeron Chair.

Overall, once you have the Herman Miller Aeron chair sitting under you, most people will be hard pressed to find anything to complain about.


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