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Can an Ergonomic Chair Save Your Life

Most people work sitting down eight or more hours a day. In a non ergonomic chair this can can be dangerous and in some cases over time, deadly. How? It's simple. Many offices do not utilize ergonomics. Ergonomics defined is the science of designing equipment to increase comfort and reduce; fatigue. In the office workplace this includes ergonomic desks, computer ergonomics and of course chair ergonomics

The one most familiar in general is the chair. With a regular office chair your full upper body weight is falling directly on the buttocks as you sit this increases pressure on your spine. It can also cause a serious health condition called DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). With this condition blood pools in the lower extremities causing pain and numbness, from sluggish blood flow. This can be dangerous because sluggish blood flow in some people can cause blood clots that can travel to the heart and lungs and cause death!

Ergonomic office chairs can solve these problems by combining elements like the backrest, seat, armrests etc in such a way as to reduce the pressure and distribute your weight the correct way. When choosing ergonomic chairs it is important to find one that adjusts to your individual height as this allows your feet to be flat on the floor. Seat depth is also important concerning height. It should be one with tilt seating or a slide pad for maximum comfort and benefit..This way the user can adjust the seat depth and backrest so that their back rests comfortably against the back rest. Another adjustable feature in ergonomic chairs are the armrests. By keeping these adjustable to the users arm length one can reduce stress to the shoulders and upper back.In addition padded armrests reduce pressure on the underside of the forearms.

Other ergonomic solutions come in the form of ergonomic desks and computer ergonomics. These desks place importance on the proper height for the user and the proper work zones. An ergonomic work zone is one that takes into consideration a users reach both in arm leg length. The ergonomic computer

reduces stress on wrists and arms by using specially designed keyboards that keep the wrists and fingers in the correct position. This is especially important for those with arthritis and joint diseases. An ergonomic keyboard will reduce the pain of these diseases during your workday and guard against developing carpel tunnel syndrome.

Remember a complete ergonomic office is the best solution to having a productive work life but if you have circulatory problems be sure at least to invest in a good ergonomic chair. Otherwise you could be taking a gamble with blood clots and your life!


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