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Benefits of Rowing

There are several benefits of rowing; it is a workout for a great majority of your muscle groups. Your legs, arms, and torso can get a great workout while you row. On a rowing machine or in the water your arms pull through resistance and your legs and torso bend, this exertion can give you a full body cardio workout. If you want to get in shape rowing is a great option for you, and if you cannot go out and actually row, a rowing machine is a good replacement for actual rowing.

There are several types of rowing machines available that vary in resistance type, style, size, weight, and price. While they all offer the same basic workout and benefits, their differences in design and resistance type can matter greatly. The differences in design and style can influence your comfort while on the rowing machine, and therefore can affect your performance. If you are not comfortable on your rowing machine you probably will not use it as often as you should, and will not be able to reap all of the benefits of rowing. The resistance type of a rowing machine can matter greatly too. Some resistance types are not as realistic as others so if that matters to you, it might be a good idea for you to buy air or water resistance rowing machines. Those models' resistance depends on your stroke rate, much like actual rowing. If realism does not matter as much to you, piston or magnetic rowing machines are good options for you.


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